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For Generations, Circo's Pastry Shop has been producing the finest pastries, cakes, and cookies in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, New York. The taste and quality of our pastry items will keep you coming back. For years patrons have enjoyed the authentic taste and quality of your pastry items and our summer delights, like our freshly made gelato.

The tasty delights at Circo's are still made the old fashioned way. Whether you are looking for fresh baked Biscotti, Pastachote' or our famous Cannoli, or to add a fine touch to your special occasion, Circo's welcomes your visit!

5 Secrets to Cake Baking

by mark anthony

Learning how to bake can be as rewarding as eating a slice, and the satisfaction of having created something that delicious stays with you for a very long time. But before you venture into cake baking in your home in Brooklyn, it is important to know that it is more a science than an intuition. Once you have mastered the upcoming cake baking secrets, you can whip one without disasters.

5 most important secrets to cake baking

1. One of the things that is highly underrated, but a well kept secret of all professional bakers, is mise en place. Having all your ingredients perfectly measured and processed for the final mixing is the key to not having any unpleasant surprises. Cake baking requires precise timing.

2. Preheating the oven is an absolute must. Start the heating process as soon as you start preparing your ingredients so that it has a good half an hour to get warm enough.

3. Ingredients like butter, cream, eggs and milk should always be used at room temperature to prevent curdling.

4. Creaming is one of the most important aspects of cake baking. Take your time at this stage to ensure a light, fluffy and smooth end result.

5. Do not use flour without sifting. It is also important to measure things exactly and use a flat surface like a knife to get leveled measures in measuring cups. Remember it is a science.

Consider taking a baking course

These are just some of the most well kept cake baking secrets. It you are serious about your passion for baking, consider going for a baking class. A professional or expert will be able to tell you where is it that you are going wrong. 

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I never had a chance to express my gratitude of the beautifully, amazing, cake your bakery made for me for my daughter's baby shower. The cake was the hit of the night (October 5th). We have people still writing about it on Facebook. I expected the cake to look beautiful but not taste as great as it did. Everyone asked where the cake came from so hopefully you will receive many more requests. You did an amazing job and took my breath away with that cake. I can't thank you enough. I will forever use you for every ongoing event.

- Marsha

We especially want to thank you for taking the time to visit our website. For those of you who have known Circo's Bakery we appreciate patronizing Circo's threw the years. We have been told repeatedly on a daily basis "Thank you for still being here and making the same great sweets. It brings me back to my childhood". As many of you may already know the Baking trade demands many laboring hours and sacrificing special holiday times. But I must say hearing that makes it all worth it!! Being the 3rd generation in this family business my Brother and I, want all of you to know that if it wasn't for YOU, we would not be here today. AS our father would say "NO NO YOU THANK YOU"!! Truly a Special THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!
As for you who that have never been to our shop before, please come in, and expirense for yourself why the Circo's community keeps coming back...


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