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For Generations, Circo's Pastry Shop has been producing the finest pastries, cakes, and cookies in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, New York. The taste and quality of our pastry items will keep you coming back. For years patrons have enjoyed the authentic taste and quality of your pastry items and our summer delights, like our freshly made gelato.

The tasty delights at Circo's are still made the old fashioned way. Whether you are looking for fresh baked Biscotti, Pastachote' or our famous Cannoli, or to add a fine touch to your special occasion, Circo's welcomes your visit!

Why You Should Plan Your Wedding Cake in Advance

by mark anthony

The Need to Design Your Wedding Cake in Advance
Wedding is a special occasion and you need to plan several things in advance so that all things go smooth. And wedding cake is one thing that is an integral part of all weddings, which has to be got right. You do not want to worry about it at the last moment and face the disappointment of not getting one to your liking. Do not let the wedding cake be a sore point in your otherwise wonderful wedding that you will remember all your life.

Planning Your Wedding Cake in Brooklyn
It is vital that you set aside some time to decide the exact type of cake you want and the amount of money you are willing to spend on it. You could visit one of the well-reputed pastry shops in your area and scout through different flavors they offer. If you have a specific one in mind like strawberry, make that known to the baker. The next important thing is to decide the theme and design of your cake. Work with the baker, decide on a theme and ask him to build a cake around it. You should also work closely with the baker to get the design right.
Once you decide on a wedding cake or any other one of your likings, ask the baker if it can be directly delivered to the venue. A professional pastry shop will understand that you would have a lot of things on your mind during the wedding and oblige. Once you take care of all these aspects, wedding cake becomes one thing that you would not have to worry about.

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My sister in England ordered a cookie tray for me. It came yesterday and I cannot begin to share with you the memories it invoked. When I was young and even into adult hood my very Italian Grandmother would buy me these cookies when I came to NY. My uncle (94) would carry them to me in a box wrapped with string. He is no longer able to travel but Oh, how I longed for those days yesterday. I live in Statham Ga. Thanks for the amazing cookies and the wonderful memories. You have NO idea..what joy.

- Dorann

Reviewed 3 months ago
Overall 3 / 3
Totally amazing. Beautiful and Super tasty. Red Velvet was excellent and the icing was my favorite! Great cookies too.

- A Google User

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