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Brooklyn Bakery Specializing in Custom Cakes

The Perfect Graduation Party Cake

We are known for the largest selection of custom cakes available. Our graduation cakes capture the unique personality and interest of each graduate. Our custom cakes can be designed to match the graduate's hobbies, favorite interests and tastes.


Tell us about the graduate and we can design a cake perfectly matched to the graduate. And of course the inside will be made with their favorite fillings and choice of cake while the outside has their favorite icing and a look that expresses their personality.

The Largest Selection of Custom Cakes
Examples of Custom Cake Ideas:
    *Favorite Sports Team
    *Graduation Trip - Italy, France
    *Favorite Store - Gucci, Prada
    *Dream Car - Ferrari, Tesla
    *Characters - Adventure Time
    *Shows - Game of Thrones
If the Graduate likes it, then we can make it.
Put the Graduate on Their Own Cake

The graduate may not be able to have their own statue but they sure can have a cake made in their likeness. Personalized photo cakes capture the smile and personality of the guest of honor.


Our custom graduation cakes can be more than an expression of the graduates interests. We can replicate a photo of the graduate and put it right on the cake. Or give us that prefect image that expresses the high school or college experience and we will have that image on top of the cake and fully edible.


You can also give us a photo of the graduate in their team uniform or laughing with their classmates or of the campus itself and we will replicate that on a cake. Give us a call and we can discuss countless custom cake options.




Decorative and custom cakes are available for all occasions, including Communions and Confirmations. Communions are a wonderful family celebration. Make that First Holy Communion or Confirmation special with one of our custom cake options.  A few ideas are a cake in the shape of that adorable communion jacket or dress or of a cross. Whether you choose a custom cake or order a traditional sheet cake everyone will be going back for seconds. Our "centerpiece" cakes are available in a wide variety of designs, look truly special and taste even better!