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Brooklyn Creative Cakes Baked by Italian Bakery

At Circo’s in Brooklyn, creative cakes are some of our favorite things to design and create. For our customers in Brooklyn, creative cakes seem to be their favorites, too. Some customers were hosting a party at their home in Brooklyn for friends who were about to go on an extended trip. The party hosts asked us to create a cake that featured a few exotic locations. Both the hosts and the guests were wowed by the cake. It made our day to hear that at the end of the party, hardly any cake remained.

If you’re planning a party in or near Brooklyn, creative cakes can act as the centerpiece of your event. And no matter the occasion, we can create a beautiful and tasty cake to celebrate it. We’ve made cakes of almost every conceivable size and shape, including designer purses, pillows, record players, trucks, guitars, bottles of vodka, ashtrays (complete with cigars), and jewel boxes.

Do you want to throw a party to celebrate a friend’s success at quitting smoking? We’ve got the perfect cake for that party. How about celebrating a friend’s graduation from law school? We can make a cake that looks like a stack of tax law books but tastes so much better.

If you live near or in Brooklyn, creative cakes are just a phone call away. If you’re rushed for time or just can’t make it to our bakery, no worries. We can do everything over the phone and internet, including designing the cake, agreeing on a color palette and basic theme. The only thing we can’t do over the phone is give you a sample taste of the cake.


Creative, Custom-made Cake for Any Occasion

We also make it very convenient for you to get your cake. Although some people prefer to pick up their cake themselves, we have another option. Rather than stopping by our bakery in Brooklyn, creative cakes can be delivered to the party or event at a time specified by you.

If there’s an upcoming special day that you’d like to celebrate, give us a call! We’ll use all of our skills and abilities to create a cake that you’ll remember for years.