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Religious Themed Custom Fondant Cakes and Cookies
by mark anthony at 2013-06-19 08:51:00

Importance of Cakes in Celebrating Religious Occasions
When we talk about religious occasions, we’re not only referring to the many feasts, but also to the celebrations of your children’s sacraments. Whether it is Christmas, Easter, your child’s Baptism, First Holy Communion, or Holy Confirmation, custom cakes are a great way to mark the significance of the event. Since no celebration can be complete without a cake, you may choose the flavor of your choice. However, to add to its taste and appearance, fondant icing can be a great addition.
Custom Shapes and Designs
An increasing number of celebrants are choosing to customize their cakes because it adds to the value of their celebration. If you’re preparing for a religious ceremony or a feast, customizing your cake in the shape of something related to the Bible will make your event a bigger success. Your guests will love to see the Sign of the Cross or angels in the shape of a cake. For a Christmas party, you may bake a cake in the shape of a crib or a star, while a tomb and angels or a chalice and host can be used for Easter. Regardless of what design you choose, fondant icing can make your cake look as well as taste just amazing.

Cookies for Religious Events
Cookies are a common feature at religious events. You can shape them in the form of crosses, stars, shells, and the Bible with writings such as “Gloria”. Custom cakes and cookies for any religious event will make your guests get into the mood and enjoy the celebration in the right spirit. If you need help baking that perfect religious themed cake, our Brooklyn shop will offer you all the assistance you need. 

Get a Custom Cake for Your Dad This Father’s Day
by mark anthony at 2013-06-05 13:04:00

Why Go for a Customized Cake?
Father’s Day is dedicated to the most influential man in our lives. It is the one day when the whole world pays tribute to their dads. Although many people choose to spend the day with their fathers, just meet for lunch or dinner, or go for a game, we must remember that our dads are quite traditional. You may spend as much time with him as possible, but a cake, especially a custom photo cake will be the highlight of his day. A picture of your dad and you together can make it appear really special and mean a lot to him.
Ideas for Pictures
You may have several pictures of your dad and you together. While most of them can make for excellent custom photo cakes, the best one to choose is that which helps you to remember having the best time together. It might have been at a ballpark where the two of you were celebrating a victory, at a family party where the two of you stood tall, or the very first moment that he held you in his arms when you were an infant. Get an idea of his favorite moment with you and you’re guaranteed to rekindle the love of a father and his baby.

Flavors and Designs
The flavor of the custom cake will have to be your dad’s favorite flavor. Topping it off with fondant will make it all the more delicious. Designs such as a photo frame can be used to add some more detail and make it more interesting. If you need custom photo cakes, our Brooklyn shop is always available at your service.      


Finding the Perfect Fondant Cake for Your Brooklyn Party
by mark anthony at 2013-06-05 12:54:00

The Specialty of Custom Fondant Cakes
No occasion or party is complete if there’s no cake. Custom fondant cakes, in particular, add immense value to any party. The favorite flavor of the celebrant can be incorporated into his/her favorite design and topped off with fondant to create a truly memorable celebration. Whether it is vanilla, chocolate, or mocha fondant is an excellent icing that will surely leave your guests and celebrant completely satisfied.

Fondant Cakes for All Occasions
Whether you are celebrating a loved one’s birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, or a graduation party, custom fondant cakes are a great way to make it a wonderful event. The design and creativity used in making these cakes will give a sense of joy to the celebrant. If you’re celebrating your little one’s birthday party, custom cakes in the shape of cartoon characters, toys, and animals are all fantastic options.
Similarly, if it’s a party thrown for a fashionista, a cake shaped like a high-heeled shoe or trendy purse will make her absolutely love it. The emblem of a sports lover’s favorite team will be a great surprise for him as well. Regardless of the design of your cake, fondant can not only add to its looks, but can also make it appear lovelier.    
Thinking Different?
If the traditional cakes are a bit too old-fashioned for your liking, you may take the modern route and try cupcakes. You can also bake little cupcakes and assemble them together so that they appear as one huge cake. A custom fondant cake will make your celebratory event a memorable and enjoyable one, and if you can’t bake one yourself, our Brooklyn shop is always ready to help you out.


Beautiful Unique Custom Cakes for Communions
by mark anthony at 2013-05-22 09:48:00

Significance of the First Holy Communion
The First Holy Communion is among the most important sacraments, and your child deserves to celebrate it in some style. Cakes are a common feature of every communion party. There are stores that deliver some absolutely fantastic designs and flavors to help make your child’s First Holy Communion a memorable one. Since your guests will be anticipating a cake, it is essential to think about the kind of flavor and shape before you order a custom communion cake.

The Option of Regular Cakes
A standard cake is ideally the best option because it is tasty and inexpensive. You may either bake the cake on your own, or buy one from our renowned cake shop in Brooklyn. The flavors must be selected based on the preferences of your family and guests. Chocolate, vanilla, or other common flavors may suffice, but something special will make it much better.
Cupcakes – a New Option
While pastries are commonly served at almost every First Holy Communion party, a little out-of-the-box thinking can commemorate the specialness of the occasion. Cupcakes are a great way to add something different to the party. These individual treats can make things so much easier. They can be placed around the main Communion cake in a proper pattern so as to deliver a beautiful presentation.
Creative Cakes
Another great idea would be to order a cake that has several cupcakes frosted together in a manner such that it appears like one big custom communion cake. You will simply have to pull the smaller treats apart after your child has cut a piece from it. A unique and delicious cake has the potential to make your child remember his/her First Holy Communion forever!   


Great Custom Birthday Cakes for Sports Fans in Brooklyn
by mark anthony at 2013-05-19 13:04:00

Showing Your Love through Sports-Themed Cakes
You surely have a few important people in your life who are ardent supporters of one sports team or another. The best way in which you can celebrate their birthdays is by ordering a cake that has something to do with their favorite sports team. Custom birthday cakes are always great to show special love and care for the people who mean a lot to you, and a cake featuring someone’s favorite sports team, players, or icons is sure to make their day! The most common design chosen by most people is the logo or crest of their loved one’s favorite team. You can pick their favorite flavor and have the cake baked in the shape of the team’s crest.
Using Photoshop for a Magnificent Cake
If you’re looking for something truly special to ensure that your loved one remembers his birthday for a long time to come, use the Photoshop software! You can browse through Google images to look for pictures that excite your loved one. It may be memories of a cup triumph, or something that interests your dear ones. By using Photoshop, you can insert the image of your loved one into a particular picture and crop it in a manner such that it looks real. Then, send the picture to a Brooklyn cake shop and they will incorporate it into the design of the cake you have chosen!
Liquor in Cakes
Most sports fan engage in drinking, and if your loved one fancies a beer or a glass of whiskey, you can also add a bit of liquor to make the cake taste better. A custom birthday cake with a sports theme and a touch of liquor will surely make this birthday a memorable one.  


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