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Best After-Schools Snacks
by mark anthony at 2013-09-11 13:53:00

Sweet Snacks
There are a lot of sweet snacks in Brooklyn that your kids will love, and it will also be nutritious for them. For example, you could create a strawberry smoothie by blending in strawberries, frozen bananas and some low-fat yoghurt in a blender. You can also make a peanut butter and oats smoothie by replacing the strawberries in the previous snack. Other than smoothies, you could make banana and peanut butter sandwiches with toasted whole grain bread, or a yoghurt sundae with any sliced fruit and granola.
Salty Snacks
You can also make nachos by baking tortilla chips topped with salsa, low-fat cheese and black beans. Yet another option is a salty veggie snack that can be easily made by cutting up celery, carrots, cucumbers, etc. and serve them with a dip made of any nut butter; Or you could make a quick and easy veggie pizza by topping your favorite vegetables onto whole-wheat pita bread, sprinkling low-fat cheese and baking it.  If bean burritos sound more interesting, top some whole-wheat tortillas with salsa, beans and low-fat cheese, and then bake them.

Ready-made Snacks
If you can find some low-fat Italian cookies in the store, your kids will definitely love that. If not, there are some other packaged snacks that can also be both healthy and tasty. You can buy dried fruit and yoghurt, celery sticks and peanut butter dips, energy bars or granola bars, or fresh fruits. If you are willing to put a little more effort, then you can also buy whole-grain cereal and serve it with low-fat milk. Canned salads like those of tuna can also be good after-school snacks.


Bring Your New Teacher Some Delicious Cupcakes
by mark anthony at 2013-09-04 09:46:00

Every teacher needs to be appreciated and welcomed
A teacher isn’t just someone who educates you when you are in school, but is also your friend and role model. Every teacher’s main aim is to connect with his or her students in a more personal manner and help them become good and intelligent human beings. When teachers put in so much effort, the least you can do as a student is to show some appreciation by working hard. Is there a new teacher taking your class at your Brooklyn school?  Help her get to know each one of your classmates. Another nice thing you could do is to bring your new teacher some delicious custom cupcakes.

Customized cupcakes
Since you barely know the new teacher and she probably isn't acquainted with you yet, it is a nice gesture to welcome her with some yummy cupcakes. After all, food is the best way to get to know a person. Try to find out her favorite flavor and her favorite color. You could either prepare the cupcake at home with your friends or you could order it from any bakery in Brooklyn. The best part is that you can even get custom cupcakes for your new teacher.
Various flavors and designs
Bakeries and cupcake shops often have great offers on custom cupcakes. You can choose from a variety of flavors in order to make your new teacher fell welcome and happy. Depending on the price, you could also discuss with your classmates as to what design needs to go on top of the cupcakes. These designs will be made out of fondant or cream and placed on the cupcake. 


Summer Wedding Cake Ideas in Brooklyn
by mark anthony at 2013-08-30 13:04:00

ummer flavors
Wedding cakes can be intensely memorable as they are associated with the most emotional event of your life. So, special thought should be given when choosing its design and flavor so that it remains memorable forever. If you are planning a summer wedding, select a fruity flavor that goes with the feel of summer. For instance, instead of a heavy butter cream filling, you could choose a light filling of fruits and berries. Some examples include blackberry with lemon filling, raspberry filling or chocolate cherry among others.   

Summer colors
Wedding cakes can be magically charming if the color is chosen according to the season. Some of the most suitable summer colors could include cherry red, navy, mix of green and pink and preppy white. The colors can be in enhanced in bold and bright or toned down depending on personal choice. For example, a subdued look can be created with subtle white dots over ganache covered chocolate cake. Alternatively you may choose to accent the color with sugarbirds or honey bees.  
Flowers and Add-ons
In your wedding cake, flowers made of sugar can add to the summer theme. Many bakers in Brooklyn do an excellent job with the right instructions. Make it even more attractive by adding sugar peonies to each tier. Make them large and graphic. In addition, add-ons can make your cake even more attractive if done aesthetically. You can make butterflies or birds out of sugar or chocolate that will give the cake a real summer look. 


Light Delicious Pastries for Summer Days
by mark anthony at 2013-08-14 12:06:00

Sicilian Pastry Delights
For pastry lovers, summer months tend to be quite a disliked period. The love for sweet cakes continues during the season but creates a certain discomfort in the heat. Summer days are quite hot and sticky, making people hungry as well. However, people prefer eating light and delicious pastries in the summer days of Brooklyn, especially cannolis. This is a famous Sicilian pastry desert, popular for its brilliant taste and light texture. It forms quite an important part of the Sicilian cuisine and the Italian American cuisine.

The Cream Filled Tubes are a Total Delight
If you ever want to eat light and delicious pastries in the summer days of Brooklyn, then you ought to taste the wonderful cannolis. They are basically tube-like shells made of fried dough, which are then filled with the creamiest and sweetest filling. Usually, this tasty filling is made from ricotta. Cannolis come in various sizes that range from a little finger to a huge fist. You can easily satisfy your sweet cravings during the summer months by visiting the nearest pastry store or even preparing a cannoli at home. These exquisite cream-filled rolls are perfect for all occasions, and are even considered to be a compulsory dessert in Italian households.
Preparing a Cannoli
These tasty desserts are quite simple to prepare. However, the process is a bit too lengthy. In order to make the pastry more delicious and healthy you can add your own ingredients along with the regular items used. The filling can include custard, milk, sugar and cornstarch. To make the pastry even more savory in the heat you can add some lemon or orange essence to the cream. Add chopped dried nuts, candied cherries, and citrus peels to give a more refreshing taste to this delicious pastry.


Cookies Are a Great Gift to Bring to the Beach
by mark anthony at 2013-08-07 07:15:00

Italian Cookies are of Different Types
The Italians have been responsible for the invention of so many brilliant dishes, and are masterminds at making cookies. Italian cookies originate from various parts of the country and are of different types, which can be found at your nearest Brooklyn pastry shop. They mainly include ingredients such as flour, sugar, eggs, butter, and other additions such as flavoring, fruits, icing, creams, and others. The popular Italian cookies are Amaretti, Florentine biscuits, Pignolo, Ricciarelli, Krumiri, Cavalucci, Biscotti and Pizzele. Of all these types, Pizzele is the best option for an enjoyable snack while going out to the beach with your family and friends.

Depending on the Ingredients Cookies Can Be Hard or Soft
Pizzelles are traditionally Italian cookies, which are like waffles and made from eggs, flour, sugar, vegetable oil or butter, and any flavoring. The flavoring could be a little lemon zest essence, vanilla syrup, or even anise. Depending on the method of preparation and ingredients used, you can prepare crisp and hard Pizzelles or chewy as well as soft ones. Either ways they are perfect for the pleasant beach weather of Brooklyn and can be enjoyed as a light and delicious snack.
Popular Traditional Cookies
Among all the Italian cookies, Pizzelles happen to be favorites at even traditional celebrations such as weddings, Easter, Christmas, and birthdays, along with cannolis and other pastries. The cookie dough is usually put in a Pizzelle iron, which is almost like a small waffle iron, and then held over a hot burner. This gives a crispy texture to the cookie once it is cooled. While the Pizzelles are still warm you can even roll them into cannoli shells and fill them with orange cream to bring in a more delicious taste. 

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