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Customize Your Cupcakes for Your New Year's Party
by mark anthony at 2013-12-30 01:31:00

With the year almost coming to an end, it is now time to count your blessings and step into the New Year with as much fanfare as possible. If you are hosting a New Year's party in Brooklyn, it is never late to make some quick modifications to your menu to come up with exciting New Year’s Eve themed snacks to keep your guests entertained while the countdown begins. Here are some suggestions to customize your cup cakes for that perfect New Year’s Eve party.
Frosted fireworks
The New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate with fireworks and nothing says “New Year” better than firework embellishments on top of your cup cakes. For your Brooklyn custom cupcakes, you can simply make designs on wax or parchment paper and pour melted chocolate on it and you have your embellishments in less than 30 seconds. Once these are set, simply insert one on top of a pre frosted cupcake and you could even add “2013” or anything else with in the fireworks to add some color.
Cone hats and noise makers
Cone hats and noisemakers are the life of every New Year’s Eve party and bringing this out with your Brooklyn custom cupcakes is perhaps the best thing you could do for your party. Sugar coated sour tape candy, ice cream cones, edible confetti and some fruit slice jellies are all you need. Cover the cones with melted white chocolate and pepper with edible confetti. Get innovative with the jellies and tape candy to create noisemakers.
If nothing else, you can simply add life to the boring old cupcakes with simple stuff as gumballs, some edible gold dust and lollypop sticks. Simply make a lollypop out of the gumballs and stick them on to the cupcakes. Add some gold dust for color and serve.


Traditional Italian Pastries for the Holiday Season
by mark anthony at 2013-12-24 11:14:00

Italian desserts make for a perfect treat at a holiday meal especially when served with ice cream or a cup of warm coffee. Italy is popular for a number of delicacies that celebrate the spirit of Christmas and were also a part of the ancient celebrations of the winter solstice. Here are some of the most popular Italian pastries and desserts ideal for celebrating the yuletide this holiday season in your Brooklyn home. 
Struffoli and Panettone
The Struffoli is a Neapolitan classic dessert, which is one of the best Italian pastries for Christmas. Frying the sweet dough till it turns crispy gives the dessert and is coated with sprinkles of choice and honey for a wanton treat.
Panettone is a classic Christmas treat from Italy and makes an excellent choice for a holiday gift. The sweet is made in miniature sizes to and laced with dollops of cognac, fruits and citrus. The dish is popular for its buttery and soft texture.
Panforte and Tiramisu
You simply cannot have an Italian Christmas without having panforte at the gathering. The dish, like panettone combines several fruits and nuts and somewhat resembles a fruitcake. Panforte is also excellent when paired with rose or tawny wines especially the Vino Santo a traditional of Tuscany and a popular choice to be paired with any Italian pastries.
Finally, you simply cannot have an Italian Christmas in your Brooklyn home without having a mouthful of the coffee flavored dessert - tiramisu. The recipe has been adapted into several different forms of cakes, puddings and other varieties of desserts. A variation with whipped cream and rum is a perfect alternative to the traditional rum cake.


Celebrate by Bringing Cookies to your Christmas Party
by mark anthony at 2013-12-17 08:04:00

Christmas cookies add to the festive flavor
What better than to warm a nice Brooklyn Christmas party than the smell of hot, freshly baked cookies? When you get cookies to your Christmas party, you effectively show people that you have taken a lot of effort to actually make the whole thing a success. It shows that you are dedicated to keeping the festive spirit alive. It also brings about a lot of excitement. Everybody will want to have their share of the variety of goodies brought for them.

Cookies as appetizers or deserts
You can offer Christmas cookies at any point in time during the party. Cookies are excellent as appetizers. Placing a large bowl of an assorted variety of them gives people a great place to gather around and catch up. The cookies themselves make a good topic of discussion for people to use as icebreakers. If you think that the cookies are too heavy to be had right before a meal, then you could offer them while people are leaving. A small box of cookies is a great parting gift.
Cookies for children and adults alike
The best part about Christmas cookies is that all age groups enjoy them. Consider using healthy ingredients to bake them, so that health-conscious people do not have a problem accepting them. Substituting sugar with honey works well.  You can use whole wheat instead of flour. Gathering everyone to dig into a large bowl of cookies brings adults and children together. Share special moments over the crumbling delights.

Enjoy an Annual Holiday Treat in Brooklyn with Circo's Honey Balls
by mark anthony at 2013-12-03 00:00:00

The best holiday traditions involve sweets!  It’s the perfect time of year to indulge in your favorite holiday pastries and cookies, the ones so special and delicious that they’re only around for a few weeks at a time. Which, really, is for the best - they wouldn’t seem as special if you could have them whenever you wanted. Never mind what they’d do to your waistline!

Circo’s Holiday-Only Honey Balls are the Brooklyn Italian Bakery’s annual tradition. Circo’s own take on traditional struffoli, these treats are deep fried, drizzled with honey and topped with nonpareil sprinkles.  They’re guaranteed to be a hit with everyone who tries them, whether you’re trying something new or looking to recapture Christmas memories from your grandmother’s kitchen.

Circo's Struffoli Honey Balls

Be warned – these holiday-only honey balls are highly addictive. With their crunchy, light texture, you’ll want them all year long! Order a pound online while you can, and begin your own Italian Christmas tradition this year.


Pastry Ideas for Thanksgiving Dinner
by mark anthony at 2013-11-22 15:53:00

Easy to prepare Thanksgiving pastries

A Thanksgiving dinner, no matter how satiating, is never complete without a dessert. Cakes and pastries have come to form an integral part of all celebrations. Following are some of the easy to prepare Thanksgiving pastries that will add to the delight of your dinner.
Common Pies
Apple, pumpkin and pecan pies have become traditional Thanksgiving pastries, as they are not only delicious, but also easy to prepare. Using a pumpkin, you can add spice and create some tasty autumn sweets, whether it’s a pumpkin soufflé or a classic pumpkin pie. Apple pie, which is an American classic, has several different variations, giving you the option to try as many as you want, whilst keeping the Thanksgiving dinner traditional. Pecan pies, with their gooey and sweet crunch are the ideal way to end a dinner. Truffles and pastries of the Southern pie will surely leave your guests satisfied.
Healthy and cozy recipes
Since people tend to let loose during the holiday season, you can play a major role in restricting the large intake of extra calories. Desserts can be provided with a healthier edge and these yummy treats will keep fat and calories away with small changes in ingredients. Creamy puddings and rich cakes have always added a great finale to Thanksgiving meals. Ice cream and pie together make for a fantastic combination, thus ensuring that your dessert will turn out delicious and that your guests will leave your home happy and satiated.


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