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It’s A New Year At Circo’s Brooklyn Bakery
by mark anthony at 2012-01-06 02:38:00

Circo’s Brooklyn Bakery has something in store for every occasion and every taste. We pride ourselves on our handmade treats that represent the Circo’s tradition of quality Italian baked goods. This Brooklyn Italian Bakery is a great place to take visitors who come to New York to sample all of the delicious culinary delights that make the city great. Circo’s Brooklyn Bakery has specialty cakes, pastries, and cookies that you can choose from when putting together a pastry tray, cookie tray, or dessert arrangement.


Now that the holidays are over, many of us are trying to tighten our belts and slim down in time for summer. You can still stay in shape and reward yourself with a sweet treat from Circo’s Brooklyn Italian Bakery. Perhaps after taking a job around the neighborhood, you might want to pop in a pick up some Brooklyn Specialty Cakes for your upcoming work function. Circo’s is the conveniently located, affordably priced Brooklyn Italian Bakery that is well worth exploring.


There are numerous bakeries that will claim to have Brooklyn specialty cakes that are one of a kind, but how many bakeries can say that they are a neighborhood staple with years and years worth of satisfied customers to prove it? When you visit Circo’s Brooklyn Italian Bakery, let the Italian sweet streets speak for themselves. From Cannoli to Cartoci, Circo’s Italian specialty cakes, pastries, cookies, and artisan crafted desserts will take you right back to Italy, and you do not even have to leave Brooklyn!


Circo’s Brooklyn Bakery Is A Neighborhood Brooklyn Italian Bakery
by mark anthony at 2011-12-30 11:40:00

Brooklyn Cookie TraysSituated in a charming, family-friendly Bushwick location in northern Brooklyn, Circo’s Brooklyn Bakery is proud to serve up the tastiest Brooklyn specialty cakes, cookies, and pastries. Traditional Italian deserts are a Circo’s Brooklyn Bakery delicacy that keeps our customers coming back for more, and not just from Brooklyn either! For anyone in the five boroughs who appreciates homemade treats or anyone who wants to add a neighborhood touch to their next party or catering event, Circo’s Brooklyn Italian Bakery has something that will tickle that sweet tooth and have you coming back every week!
In Bushwick and beyond, New Yorkers have been enjoying Circo’s Brooklyn Bakery treats for years. The holidays are the perfect time to come by Circo’s Italian Bakery and sample any of our cookie trays, pastry trays, and sweet tidbits. After just a bite or two, we are confident that you will want to get a couple Brooklyn specialty cakes, cookies, cannolis, or a combination of desserts. For custom arrangements, Circo’s has what you’re looking for without the hassle of a giant, bustling bakeshop. This Brooklyn Bakery prides itself on outstanding customer service and exceptional baked goods that speak for themselves.
Next time you are looking for a tasty gift basket, a centerpiece, or a sweet gift for someone you love, please have a look at what Circo’s Brooklyn Bakery has to offer. This Brooklyn pastry shop has something for everyone, so come on over and celebrate the holidays the Circo’s Brooklyn Bakery way!

Brooklyn Bakers Have Sweet Treats For The Holidays
by mark anthony at 2011-12-20 17:22:00

Brooklyn Holiday Cookie TraysThe holidays are here! And Circo’s Bakery wants to wish you good cheer by providing you with a wealth of options for Brooklyn cakes, cookies, pastries, and more. A Brooklyn bakery that prides itself on great baked goods and friendly service, Circo’s is your one-stop shop for holiday treats. This is the season for giving, so while you are frantically searching for the perfect holiday gift, think about how you can best show the person who will receive the gift that you really care.
Circo’s Brooklyn Pastry Shop is a neighborhood bakery that serves up freshly baked custom cakes, custom cookies, pastries, and more. Our menu includes traditional Italian desserts such as cannolis that make a great gift for any occasion.
Circo’s Personalized Italian Holiday Cookie Trays are artisan-baked holiday cookie platters that are great for office parties, family dinners, and any occasion where sweet-toothed guests are in attendance. In addition to Italian cookie trays, Circo’s Brooklyn Pastry chefs whip up pastry trays and pastry baskets that make our Brooklyn pastries look even more delectable.
Brooklyn holiday cakes and Brooklyn cookies make great holiday gifts for your friends in and out of the borough. When you show up to a holiday party bearing a luscious Italian Holiday Cookie Basket, you will certainly get the party started. Custom Italian pastries, cakes, and cookies are Circo’s Brooklyn bakers’ forte, so stock up this season on pastry trays, pastry baskets, holiday cookies, and holiday cakes.

Happy Holidays!


cross cake
by Anthony Pierdipino at 2011-11-28 12:10:00

cross cake

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