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Brooklyn's Finest Custom Valentine’s Day Cakes
by mark anthony at 2012-02-03 12:31:00

            It can be hard to find the right gift for that special someone on Valentine’s Day, and the pressure can be overwhelming. Circo’s offers you an alternative to the regular Valentine’s Day plan. This Brooklyn Italian Bakery creates gorgeous and themed cakes daily. Give your sweetheart a custom baked cake. These red and white creations are the perfect addition to a holiday party, and everyone will enjoy sharing in the holiday spirit. You can even order a cake specifically for a loved one and hand them a very special Valentine’s Day gift.

            Circo’s Bakery is an expert at creating the cake of your dreams. Your spouse will appreciate a custom designed and heart shaped cake on February 14th. There is something magical about the way Circo’s cakes can brighten up a room and put a smile on someone’s face. So this Valentine’s Day as you ponder the perfect gift, consider ordering up a very special and delicious holiday treat!

            So if you’re in the neighborhood of Bushwick, take a minute to visit Circo’s bakery. Passed down from generation to generation, this family owned bakery provides the Brooklyn community with the finest Italian pastries and desserts. The “homey” atmosphere at Circo’s Bakery in Brooklyn welcomes everyone who has a sweet tooth or just a craving for some delicious cookies or cakes. 


Brooklyn's Italian Bakery Brings You Custom Chocolate Designs
by mark anthony at 2012-02-03 12:21:00

           Valentine’s day is getting closer, and if you haven’t thought of the perfect gift you might be starting to panic. Well you can stop worrying, because Circo’s Bakery in Brooklyn has you covered this February. Instead of the traditional flower and card that your valentine might be expecting, try a new type of gift. We make unique and hand crafted chocolate boxes, and we fill them with all the best Valentine’s day treats! Your loved one will be completely floored when he or she opens a heart shaped box of decadent chocolate only to find beautifully designed chocolate strawberries inside. This heavenly chocolate creation is enough to make anyone happy on such a special day. Why go for familiar, when you could wow your spouse with a gorgeous culinary masterpiece from Brooklyn’s own Circo’s Bakery.
            Go all out this Valentine’s Day and bring home the gift that takes your beloved’s breath away. Chocolate lovers will go crazy over this delicious holiday treat. From the heart shaped box down to the tiny heart shaped sprinkles, Valentine’s Day has never been more fun, or appetizing! There is nothing mundane about Circo’s Bakery this holiday. True to its history, every delectable pastry, chocolate heart, and custom cake that comes out of Circo’s is a welcome taste of home and baking expertise.
            Call Circo’s Bakery today and place an order for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day. Or come by the shop and get to know the amazing bakers that bring you the best Italian pastries in all of Brooklyn. You never know what delicious treat you might happen upon inside Circo’s in Bushwick, from satisfying cookies to beautiful cakes, this family run business offers everything a bakery should, and more!


Valentine's Day Chocolate Strawberries from Brooklyn's Italian Bakery
by mark anthony at 2012-01-31 10:22:00

          This Valentine’s day, surprise your sweetheart with a box of chocolate covered strawberries! These delicious holiday treats are the perfect gift to attach your heart shaped card to. Whether you are surprising a loved one, a relative, or even a valentine-to-be, everyone will appreciate the look and taste of Circo’s Bakery. Let that special person know how much you care with a dozen chocolate covered strawberries on this loving day.

           Why send a bouquet of roses, when you could send a beautiful box of heavenly Valentine’s Day treats? There is no doubt in our minds that your valentine will be happily surprised and thoroughly impressed. These beautifully designed edible creations are works of art that both your eyes and your taste buds can devour. Share a box with a friend, or surprise your spouse with these tantalizing treats.

            And while you’re in the neighborhood, why not try some of Circo’s other enticing desserts? These Italian pastries are mouth-watering, and the homemade cookies can satisfy even the most persistent sweet tooth. We are Brooklyn’s finest Italian bakery, so drop by and pick up something sweet for Valentine’s Day, and hang around just to sample the wares. After one cannoli we are sure that you will be returning often. We are proud of our family-owned bakery, and the old-world hospitality we have created here in Bushwick. Our atmosphere is inviting, and our traditional Italian pastries are irresistible. We look forward to seeing you here on Valentine’s Day, and many days after!


Pastry Trays From Circo’s Italian Brooklyn Bakery
by mark anthony at 2012-01-23 14:13:00

Circo’s Italian Bakery, situated in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick, is a charming local Brooklyn bakery that serves freshly made traditional Italian pastries, cookies, cakes, and much more. When you step off Knickerbocker into the warmth and deliciousness that fills the air in this pastry shop, you will have no problem finding something to tickle your sweet tooth. Whether you are shopping for a sweet snack or looking for an edible gift for someone special, you can always count on Circo’s Italian Bakery.
Circo’s pastry trays make great party favors. If you are hosting a gathering and you want your guests to feel right at home, consider picking up a pastry tray with a variety of biscotti, cannolli, and the finest Italian treats. Alternatively, you could bring a Circo’s Italian pastry tray to your next company meeting or corporate breakfast. As soon as you bite into a homemade pastry, you will be able to taste difference between mass-produced desserts and those from Circo’s Italian Brooklyn Bakery.
At Circo’s Brooklyn Bakery, we pride ourselves on decades of family recipes that reflect the rich Italian culinary tradition. In Brooklyn, we hope to offer our customers a taste of Italian cuisine combined with the friendly atmosphere of a neighborhood bakery. In addition to pastry trays, you will find cookie trays, dessert baskets, and a wide range of custom baked goods for every occasion. Next time you find yourself looking for something sweet to bring to a potluck or banquet, hop over to Circo’s Brooklyn Bakery for a pastry tray.

Decadent Cookies From Circo’s Italian Bakery
by mark anthony at 2012-01-13 12:10:00

Circo’s Italian Bakery represents the Bushwick of the past, while serving up treats to satisfy the sweet tooth of Bushwick of the present. Located on historic Knickerbocker Avenue in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick, Circo’s Italian bakery is a Brooklyn bakery specializing in custom cakes, cookies, pastries, and traditional Italian desserts. Our bakery is not a fly-by-night fad in the neighborhood, but a long-standing family owned Brooklyn bakery pleased to provide a window into the Italian culinary tradition.
Italian Cookie TraysWhen you stop by Circo’s on your next weekend stroll, please make sure to ask about our custom Italian cookies. There is no cookie like a freshly baked Circo’s Italian cookie. And for those of you who cannot have just one, we make Italian cookie trays so you can share the wealth with your friends and family. And Circo’s Brooklyn bakery is about a lot more than tasty treats. We pride ourselves on serving up delicious baked goods with warmth and friendliness that distinguishes Sicilian hospitality. A trip to Circo’s will leave you feeling pampered.
Circo’s Brooklyn Italian bakery’s cookies are baked fresh every day of the week, so you will never bite into a stale cookie from our shop. Because we bake the cookies right in our shop, we do not use artificial flavors or preservatives, only fresh ingredients right from our neighborhood. Come on in and see for yourself the difference between a Circo’s Italian cookie and a store-bought one. We assure you the Circo’s cookie will blow you away!

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