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Brooklyn's Custom Photo Cakes For All Occasions
by mark anthony at 2012-04-26 10:25:00

Sometimes it’s hard to know just what kind of cake you want to give your kid, husband, or wife on their birthday, or graduation day. The traditional custom cake—with a message in icing like “happy birthday” or “congratulations graduate” might be a great choice. OR you can go with something more unique. Why not put a picture—a picture of them, right on the top of that delcious cake?
How is that possible? Simple! The Circo’s bakers of Brooklyn know how to make an edible photo, out of the photo of your loved one that you give us. The “ink” we use to create the edible picture is made out of food coloring. Not only will this custom cake taste exceptional it will be sure to make any special day that much more special! We can make photo cakes in a variety of styles, with all of the same great fillings and flavors youhave come to expect from Circo's Italian Bakery in Brooklyn!

Let your loved know how you feel on that special day. Give us a call at Circo’s, and send or give us a photo. We’ll come up with a confection flattering to your loved one, and your palates. As graduation time rolls around think about the best addition to your grad’s party! Maybe a picture perfect cake will suit your tastes, and when you trust this special creation to Circo’s we can guarantee you will love the result! Or consider a beautiful and tasty custom fondant cake with colorful icing or a unique theme. Celebrate all your special occasions with a personalized cake from the Brooklyn bakers at Circo's Italian pastries.

Brooklyn Photo Cakes

Enjoying Brooklyn With an Italian Pastry In Your Hand
by mark anthony at 2012-04-19 14:20:00

A lot of people think that the only Little Italy in New York City is north of Canal Street on the East Side, but that’s just not true. Many Italians emigrated to Brooklyn, to create thriving Italian-American communities in the neighborhoods of Bensonhurst, Dyker Heights and Bay Ridge Italian Americans also live throughout most of southern Brooklyn, including Bath Beach, Gravesend, Marine Park, Mill Basin, and Bergen Beach. The Carroll Gardens area and the northern half of Williamsburg also have long-standing Italian-American communities. All these neighborhoods are resplendent with fine Italian restaurants and pizzerias. And most importantly, at Circo's Brooklyn Bakery, you can find the most delicious traditional Italian pastries you could imagine.Brooklyn Italian Bakeries
Why not stop by Circo's and pick up a cannoli, or another delectable Italian pastry and enjoy everything that Brooklyn has to offer. Central Park is wonderful but maybe you want to sample the pleasures of a smaller, cozier park, planned by the same architect as Central Park: F. L. Olmsted. At Prospect Park you can go boating, play softball, have a picnic, and take in the scenic pleasures. And there’s the beaches—Brighton and Manhattan—and the wildlife preserve in Marine Park. Trust us when we tell you that Brooklyn has never looked as good as it does when you are strolling with an Italian cookie in your hands.

If you’re Italian, or in love with one, or with Italian American culture, and you want to spend a sightseeing like a real Brooklyn paesan, make your first stop Circo’s Pastry Shop, in Bushwick. Of all the Brooklyn bakeries around, Circo's has created a unique atmosphere of old-world charm and the Italian desserts that come with it! Armed with a box of delicious Italian pastries, you’ll take in the view with great culinarypleasure! Our confections include Pasta Chote', Italian Ricotta Flag, Sfogliatelle, Inis, Cartoci, Cassatini, TiramisuFruit Tarts, and last, but certainly not least, our delicious Cannoli! See you then, per un bello giorno in Brooklyn!
Brooklyn Italian Cookies


Fondant Cakes for All Occasions in Brooklyn
by mark anthony at 2012-04-13 15:04:00

Finding the Perfect Fondant Cake to Match Your Party
The basics of a fondant cake are already pretty special: it’s a cream confection used as a filling or coating for cakes and pastries, to really make eyes sparkle and mouths water. But what is just the right kind of fondant cake to perfectly suit the kind of party you want to give? Here are some suggestions:
Birthday for Your Child: We have many fanciful fondant cakes we can create that will whet your child’s imagination and taste buds. How about a fairy tale castle with great towers, Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, or a Barbie Doll cake for your little princess?
Baby Shower: The baby’s coming! What a great way to welcome it into life with a fondant cake for the expectant friends and family! We have a fondant cake with a baby tucked under a blanket, or heaped up with presents, and themes with Curious George amid tropical vistas.
Religious Events and Holidays: We have cakes specially designed for Christmas and Easter, and for Baptism, Communion and Confirmation.
Wedding Cakes: Is there anything more important in life than this precious event? And is there any cake more beautiful than a wedding cake? We have a huge selection of fondant wedding cakes from which to choose: cakes that will make your children’s wedding a day to remember!
And speaking of weddings, we have beautiful fondant cakes for all events, just for the Guys, or the Gals. For your Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, or just for those times when you and your friends need to kick back and relax: Our Beer Pong Table, Patron Bottle, Casino Roulette Wheel Cakes, and even a delicious, Moroccan style Dream of Genie Pillow Cake!
Circo's Pastry Shop Cakes add a delicious "wow" factor to any occasion.
We feature elegant wedding cakes, festive party cakes and gourmet creations customized to the individuality of you and your guests.
For Brooklyn's Finest Fondant Cakes call (718) 381-2292
 Brooklyn Fondant Wedding Cake


Brooklyn's Italian Cookies for Easter
by mark anthony at 2012-04-05 10:48:00

With Easter coming up you might be looking to purchase a delicious treat to bring with you to your family party. From Roman times, through the Renaissance, the Italians invented many kinds of delicious cookies. Here at Circo’s in Brooklyn, we provide your sweet tooth and your palate with a large variety. Some of our cookies—like ‘almond paste with cherry’--have English names and thus are self-explanatory. But for those of you who don’t know Italian, here is a guide to some of our delicious Italian cookies, why not bring home a box for the Easter Holidays?
Pignoli: This italian cookie is a light golden color and studded with golden pine nuts. Made with almond paste, the cookie is moist, soft and chewy beneath the pine nuts. Often it is formed in a crescent shape; else it is round. This cookie is a popular Italian holiday treat, especially at Christmas.
Fiori D'Mandorla: Italian almond cookies shaped like flowers. Enjoy one on a sunday afternoon in Brooklyn with a cup of coffee.
Rainbow Cookie: Of course, rainbow is an English word, but what is an Italian
Rainbow cookie?
It is a confection made with layers of brightly colored, almond-based sponge cake, apricot and/or raspberry jam, and a chocolate coating
Taralle: an Italian snack food, with a texture similar to a pretzel, glazed with sugar.
Tiramisu: infused with a liquid such as coffee or rum, layered with a rich cheese filling, and topped with grated chocolate. This is a classic italian pastry brought to you in Brooklyn by our expert chefs.
Biscotti: Biscotti is often synonymous with the English word cookie, but it means twice-baked. So it is a hard Italian cookie. An S’ Biscotti is shaped like an S.
Is your mouth watering by now? Call us to make an order, or if you are in the Bushwick neighborhood come on down to the store, to sample these and our other Italian cookies!
         Brooklyn Italian Cookies  


Brooklyn’s Delicious Italian Pastries
by mark anthony at 2012-03-27 14:10:00

           When spring hits and the weather is nice Brooklyn shakes off its winter lethargy and you might be more inclined to go out and try new places, or return to old favorites. Nothing goes better with a spring afternoon than a delicious pastry from Circo’s Italian Bakery in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn. Grab a cannoli and head to the park for a picnic! Or perhaps you are looking to bring a little excitement to your family get together with a tray of delicious Italian cookies! The decadent Italian pastries from the master chefs at Circo’s will brighten any spring day. And when the April showers set in, stop by Circo’s to grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a warm pastry treat. If you are looking for aplace to meet up with friends or a new culinary creation to sample stop by and check out this family owned bakery!
            The custom fondant cakes that these baking geniuses come up with bring magic to any day. If you want the perfect baby shower addition, a themed custom cake from Circo’s is absolutely perfect. Take home a taste of Italy with traditional pastries and cookies that excite taste buds and comfort the soul. Circo’s has been an integral part of Bushwick since 1945. Let the amazing smells and mouth-watering Italian pastries whisk you away to a time of simple pleasures and culinary ingenuity. Whether you are looking to enjoy a classic cannoli or an incredible éclair Circo’s Italian Pastry Shop has everything you need to make any day into a special occasion. Stop by the shop or give them a call to enjoy delicious Italian pastries and custom fondant cakes!


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