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Celebrate National School Success Month in Brooklyn
by mark anthony at 2012-09-26 06:14:00

The entire country has been celebrating national school success month this September in Brooklyn. It's the time when you, as parents, get more involved in your child's academic life to ensure his/her continued success in all academic and extracurricular endeavors. The time when you can safely reassure yourself that greater involvement in your child's life is not akin to overbearing parenthood; rather it is responsible parenthood. Encouragement from you in the form of greater involvement in your child's life would inspire him/her to strive for bigger goals with sincerity. Besides, children can only benefit from your life experiences and insights.

You must be aware of the immense role that positive reinforcement plays in a child's behavior. A little encouragement goes a long way, and since your children will invariably look up to you (consciously or subconsciously!), it is your duty as a parent to reassure them of their efforts' true worth. Positive reinforcement of a child's behavior could entail anything from a smile and a nod to an affectionate discourse. Don't fret the small stuff in letting them know that you truly care and are proud of every little triumph that they achieve. And what better way to let your children know that they are doing well than treating them to a creamy and sugary indulgence of a delicious pastry?

Treat your children to a tasty pastry (or several!) during national school success month, and take the sweetest and most delicious option to convey your approval to your little scholar. Take them to the Circo's Pastry Shop in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Neighboring communities such as Queens or Manhattan need to drop by as well and try some delicious pastries! Circo's has everything one might need or want from custom fondant cakes in all shapes and sizes to coffee and latte's for the whole family to enjoy.  


Show Your Gratitude to Your Child's Favorite Brooklyn Teacher with Pastries
by mark anthony at 2012-09-20 06:25:00

Cicero, the legendary Roman statesman and senator had once remarked: “what nobler employment or valuable to the state, than that of a man (or woman) who instructs the rising generation.” Seeing that the 'rising generation' refers to your kids, it is safe to assume that you owe some gratitude to the teachers who dedicate their lives in shaping your children into upstanding citizens that you can be proud of.

A Brooklyn or Manhattan teacher's role is immense in your child's life; it is the New York City school teacher whose job is not only to impart knowledge to the children, but also to instill the thirst for knowledge in them. It is the Queens teacher who (along with your influence) shapes the idea of 'right' and 'wrong' and 'good' and 'bad' in your child's impressionable mind. In fact, the role of the 'favorite teacher' of any child also transcends these traditional boundaries and often crystallizes into the role of a sagacious, wise but warm friend.


It is only natural that you should be grateful to your child's favorite Brooklyn teacher, considering the immense role he/she plays in the development of not only your child's abilities; but also in the shaping of his/her psyche. Isn't it fair then to express your gratitude towards these noble professionals from time to time? After all, teachers are human too, and it is only fair for them to crave appreciation. One way of showing your appreciation to this vital figure in your child's life is by gifting him/her a small gift, or simply, delicious pastries from Circo’s Pastry Shop in Brooklyn, New York.

Come over to the local Circo's Pastry Shop if you’re in the Brooklyn or Manhattan area; and choose from a large selection of gourmet pastries to convey that small but significant 'thank you' to your child's favorite Queens teacher.  We also sell custom cakes, fondant cakes, picture or photo cakes, and fresh brewed coffee and lattes. 


Special Traditional Wedding Cakes
by mark anthony at 2012-09-12 08:37:00

Cakes are as much a part of a wedding as the wedding dress. Sometimes even more so. Wedding cakes can be made according to tastes, personality or choices. Cakes around the New York, Brooklyn or Queens neighborhood have always been extravagant affairs. So, its never too early to decide how you'll want your special cake to be.
For those looking for a classic wedding, the traditional cakes are a must. These were popularized in Queen Victoria's wedding around 170 years back and have been in style ever since. The simple regality and elegance of a traditional wedding cake is unrivaled.

A traditional wedding cake is symbolized by layered whiteness, usually topped by icing and small figurines. The cake can be of any height as desired. There's no limitation to the amount of designs that can be incorporated in them. Want a cake that shows where you're getting married? Just dress up the figurines in the native clothing. Or you want to show your faith in god? Adding a cross at the top is all that needs to be done. The possibilities are limitless according to your choices and imagination.
There's no end to the possible experimentation that can be done to the cake design. Even the color of the cake is not an impediment as it can be hued according to fancy. Another variation is the flavor of the cake. Traditionally chocolate, butter, almond, vanilla etc have been the primary choices. This can also be customized according to likes.
Still unsure about how to express yourself through your wedding cake? Just call up experienced and quality caterers around New york, Brooklyn or Queens who'll know what to do with all those design ideas that you have in your mind, but can't seem to choose from.  Call Circo's Pastry Shop for any inquires or questions.

Celebrating National Courtesy Month Sweetly
by mark anthony at 2012-09-06 11:58:00

Courtesy is one of those good infectious things that spread based on showing it. It is basically a small act of respect to another human being. If shown courtesy, you'll tend to do the same to others. In the hectic lifestyle of New York, showing a little courtesy could go a long way in making life more pleasant.
To celebrate this human trait, September is commemorated as the National Courtesy Month. With changing values, people have grown apart and seem to find an excuse to be rude to each other. This occasion is a chance for us to realize what's more important for us.
Showing courtesy is not a taxing behavior. It's the small things like saying thanks or please to someone, switching off your mobile when in theaters, allowing the person behind you to go ahead in a line if it's urgent for them, opening doors for people or keeping them open for those behind you.
Courtesy is like a ripple effect where one distortion leads to other ripples. You get happy on being shown courtesy and are courteous to the next person. There's no harm in being civil or kind to others and its not difficult.

So why not let your guard down and the good in you come out with a whole month's worth of excuses right at our doorsteps? Be good to your family, friends or even perfect strangers on the roads of Brooklyn or Queens and experience a harmony and peace rarely felt nowadays. Celebrate the sweetness in life and spread it as much as you can. And what better way to start than gifting a cake to your loved ones. Remember goodness begets goodness and any act of kindness is never too small!  Pick up various treats such as cookies, a small cake, or even a coffee for your husband, co-workers, just to see that sweet smile on their face.  Quick, run into Circo’s Pastry shop in Brooklyn.  Those around you will truly enjoy it and will repay you with kindness.

Celebrate Women’s Equality Day from Your Local Brooklyn Favorite
by mark anthony at 2012-08-30 06:04:00

Pastries are a great way to celebrate any occasion, and Women’s Equality Day can be embraced by one of the many choices of pastries from Circo’s including Mini Cheese Cake, Strawberry Cup, Inis, Tiramisu, Sfogliatelle, Cream Puff, Lulu’s, Italian Ricotta, Flag, Cannoli, Lobster Tail, Cassatini, Pasta Chote, Cartoci, etc. The bakery is known for its excellent quality of pastries, cakes and cookies – all handmade and mouth-wateringly delicious.
The traditional taste can be found in each and every pastry at Circo’s, offering the joy and comfort of the days when big families gathered at tables to engage in conversations and play card games. Sicily’s authentic taste is what makes Circo’s one of the best bakeries in town. The Cannoli’s are the signature item of the bakery, with the same love, recipe and ingredients put into each Cannoli since the 1940s. The special service and attention provided by Circo’s can be seen with their hand filled cannoli. All the other pastries are just as delicious and you will keep coming back for more once you’ve had a bit of their yummy offerings.  

Circo’s also provides pastries and cakes for special occasions. You can celebrate your favorite days with customized cakes, adding personalized messages, prints or designs to make the occasions all the more special. Not only are the pastries delicious for you to feast on, but they also make for great gifts for small occasions. The fruit tarts make for fantastic little treats, and the quality of the pastries are second to none. Each one is different, but they all have that element of Sicily in their taste, making them some of Brooklyn’s most sought after delights.      

And don't forget to check out our coffee and breakfast time pick me-ups!

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