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Great Holiday Pastries for Easter in Brooklyn
by mark anthony at 2013-03-26 11:30:00

Fun Themes Reflecting the Spirit of Easter

Easter is just around the corner and it’s about time you had decided what sweets and pastries you would bring to the celebration. Easter can be a great time to use your imagination and come up with fun and attractive designs that will make your pastries as gorgeous as delectable. You can have your baker create cookies into the shape of an Easter bunny, an egg, fun chicken, or ducks, etc. Cupcakes are another brilliant option that you must consider. There are several Brooklyn stores that can bake your customized Pasta di uova (Easter basket cookies) and pastries for special occasions.

Flavors that make a Difference
Great classic treat for Easter is Pizza di grano (Grain pie). Grain pie is made with fresh ricotta cheese and wholegrain. Your guests will be delighted once they taste that orange blossom flavor. Honey balls are also a great Easter sweet. Honey balls are cakelike balls fried and dipped in honey and are a holiday favorite.  
Easy to Bake Easter Bunny Cupcake
Easter-bunny cupcakes truly mark the spirit of Easter with their colorful and attractive appearance. You can get customized ones from your local bakery or you can create your own. Use your own cupcake recipe, and then use star tips and piping bags to include vanilla frosting. The white gumdrops must be shaped into triangle so as to depict the bunny’s ears. Jelly beans can be used for his eyes and nose, and frosting can be added around the whole piece so as to give it an attractive appearance.  


Bring Fresh Baked Cookies to Your Passover in Brooklyn
by mark anthony at 2013-03-22 08:30:00

Bring a Great Plate of Cookies to Passover
Passover is almost here and if you are running out of ideas on what to take, bring an assortment of cookies and make everyone happy. Who doesn’t like a platter of fresh baked cookies? Well if you are in Brooklyn, Circo’s Bakery makes a large variety of cookies that will best suit your Passover celebration. You can show up with any cookie style of your choosing whether it is for the Passover Seder, Yom Tov, or Chol Hamoed Pesach.
Customize Your Cookies in Brooklyn
Make your cookies personal by customizing them for your Passover event. During Passover, Jews refrain from eating yeast because according to the Torah, the Hebrews didn’t have time for their bread to rise in their hurried escape from Egypt. So, unleavened bread is traditionally made at the Passover commemorations today.
Since yeast isn’t eaten during Passover, customize your cookies by using matzo meal. Matzo meal will give your cookies the same fresh baked look and taste.  You can of course ask the baker to use special ingredients and customize special shapes for your Passover gathering. You can even ask the baker to create an assortment of cookies, so guests can have options between chocolate chip and coconut. Treat your family and yourself this Passover.


Bring an Assortment of Cookies to Your St. Patrick’s Day Party
by mark anthony at 2013-03-15 08:29:00

Cookies are a Nice Contribution to Your St. Patrick’s Day Party in Brooklyn

St. Patrick’s Day party is just around the corner and you are still wondering what to take, bringing an assortment of cookies can be a great choice. It is hard to think of people who do not like cookies, especially fresh baked cookies. All you need to do is look for a reliable pastry shop that gives you a wide variety of choice in cookies. Once you do that, you can just relax knowing that your contribution is going to be loved by all.

Get Customized Cookies in Brooklyn

You can add a bit of personal touch to the cookies by customizing them according to your taste. Another great idea is customizing the cookies to the theme of St. Patrick’s Day. If the party is being thrown for a particular person, you can have a little something written about that person on the cookie.

 Since cookies come in a lot of different flavors, you must take a little time to go through the different varieties. You can opt for something like fresh baked cookies, which are generally liked by all. A good idea is to ask the baker about the different options you have. If you are a creative person, you can even come up with your own ideas about the design and discuss them with the baker. With all your efforts, your contribution to the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day is sure to be remembered for a long time.


Get a Custom Cake for Your Loved One’s Birthday this Year
by mark anthony at 2013-02-27 08:32:00

Show Your Loved One that You Care with Custom Birthday Cakes
Cakes have always been a huge part of the birthday tradition. You might not even be able to picture a birthday celebration without a creamy and delicious candle-adorned cake. So, when you are planning to organize a smashing birthday party for your loved one, make sure you have a custom-made cake waiting for them. This way, you can do something different and memorable without ditching the tradition of birthday cakes.
Customizing birthday cakes in Brooklyn
There are several bakers and confectioners in the Brooklyn area that can make custom birthday cakes. Circos is a pastry shop in the area that is famous for its custom cakes, cookies, and pastries. Here, you have a wide variety of options to help you create a unique, delicious, and impressive cake for your loved one’s birthday. You can choose a shape, design, and flavor depending on the interests of the birthday boy or girl. Share your ideas with the bakers and they will make it happen for you.
Here are some tips on choosing custom birthday cakes for that special someone:
  • Does the birthday boy or girl have a particular passion that they cannot stop talking about? For example, if they are passionate about music, you can choose a theme for the cake based in that interest. You can get a cake made in different shapes like a guitar, a piano, a musical note, etc.
  • Is there a specific flavor they seem to like more than others? They might be unaware of it themselves, but it’s your duty to find out which flavor of cake they would enjoy more than anything else. If you have noticed that they like to drink a particular flavor of soda more than other flavors, it might be the flavor you’re looking for.
  • If you want to play safe, you can go for a simple, circular cake with a classic flavor like vanilla or chocolate. Make sure you add something like heart-shaped decorations or edible pearls to personalize the cake. 


The Benefits of Buying Online
by mark anthony at 2013-02-13 07:57:00

Online Shopping
Online shopping has become the trend in recent times. People tend to order different items right from the comfort of their homes. They can get a full inventory of the things available from different manufacturers and suppliers, and can compare and buy the best products. They can do all this, sitting right in front of a computer screen.
Apart from the convenience of the task, it's also a very efficient and relatively fast method. You can order anything from clothes and home supplies to pastries and stationary items, and get those delivered in a short time to your Brooklyn home. The primary benefits of online shopping are convenience, better prices, and privacy. You can buy stuff any time you want – whether it is from your home at night or from your office in the day. You can even get deals on purchases. Other than that, you get to avoid the throng of people lining up at stores.
Online Shopping for Cookies and Pastries in Brooklyn
When shopping online for eatables, you get to make packages tailored for your needs. You can read reviews about the manufacturers and decide from among a host of options available to buy cookies online at your fingertips.
Like a particular pastry shop halfway across town in Brooklyn? Online shopping can be your savior in these situations. However, most of the shops offer the facility to buy pastries online which makes your task all the more easier. You can even gift a cake to a friend without having to make a trip to the bakery.
So, if your local bakery doesn't have a certain pastry that you crave, why not look for pastry makers online and put an order on one that delivers in your area? The method is cheap and very efficient, and you will come out of the deal very satisfied


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