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Beautiful Unique Custom Cakes for Communions
by mark anthony at 2013-05-15 09:48:00

Significance of the First Holy Communion
The First Holy Communion is among the most important sacraments, and your child deserves to celebrate it in some style. Cakes are a common feature of every communion party. There are stores that deliver some absolutely fantastic designs and flavors to help make your child’s First Holy Communion a memorable one. Since your guests will be anticipating a cake, it is essential to think about the kind of flavor and shape before you order a custom communion cake.

The Option of Regular Cakes
A standard cake is ideally the best option because it is tasty and inexpensive. You may either bake the cake on your own, or buy one from our renowned cake shop in Brooklyn. The flavors must be selected based on the preferences of your family and guests. Chocolate, vanilla, or other common flavors may suffice, but something special will make it much better.
Cupcakes – a New Option
While pastries are commonly served at almost every First Holy Communion party, a little out-of-the-box thinking can commemorate the specialness of the occasion. Cupcakes are a great way to add something different to the party. These individual treats can make things so much easier. They can be placed around the main Communion cake in a proper pattern so as to deliver a beautiful presentation.
Creative Cakes
Another great idea would be to order a cake that has several cupcakes frosted together in a manner such that it appears like one big custom communion cake. You will simply have to pull the smaller treats apart after your child has cut a piece from it. A unique and delicious cake has the potential to make your child remember his/her First Holy Communion forever!   


Best Cakes for Mother’s Day in Brooklyn
by mark anthony at 2013-05-01 07:09:00

 Importance of Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day is celebrated to honor and thank moms all over the world for being an inspirational part of our lives. While spending the day out with her, or buying her some fancy stuff is a great way to show your love for the woman you love most, custom cakes are also a fantastic idea. Cakes are common for every celebration, and to celebrate Mother’s Day, you may try out any of the options mentioned here.

Kinds of Cakes to Consider
A cake with a fresh layer of coconut is the perfect dessert after any meal, and it brings with it a heavenly delight because of the coconut. A rich pound cake made from chocolate is easy to bake and it tastes delicious as well. A chocolate marquise is elegant-looking and tasty while a cherry cheesecake is also delicious and easy to make. If you’re thinking out of the box, you may go for a striped cake with chocolate and vanilla that will please your mom’s taste buds.
More Options to Consider
Sour cream cake made from oranges looks velvety and makes for a perfect dessert, while a flourless cake made from chocolate with a hint of dry fruits will surely leave your mom wanting more. If you’re looking for a little international influence, the sokoto moelleux made from chocolate will add some French taste that makes it perfect to be served with tea and fruit. There are several hundreds of recipes that you can find to make the cake that will blow your mother’s mind and help her enjoy the day. You can also order custom cakes from any Brooklyn cake shop to surprise your mom on Mother’s Day.  


Toppings for Cheesecakes in Brooklyn
by mark anthony at 2013-04-17 11:30:00

Toppings Add an Extra Element
Regardless of whether you love complicated chocolate creations or the plain cheesecake, toppings have become a common component in all kinds of cakes. You can use your own creativity or hire a Brooklyn shop to deliver some truly wonderful shapes and designs to make your event all the more celebratory.

Fruit Toppings
Bakers and restaurant chefs alike, add fruit preserve toppings to cheesecakes. Cherries are the most common fruit toppings, especially in cheesecake varieties that are unbaked. Raspberry, strawberry, and blueberry are other interesting options you may use.
Chocolate Toppings
Chocolate cheesecakes often have chocolate toppings. Garnishing the cake with melted chocolate or chocolate shavings is very common. If your cheesecake contains nuts in it, you may top it off with chocolate-covered nuts. If it has pieces of chocolate candy bar, you may crumble some pieces of the bar and sprinkle it on the cake.
Whipped Toppings
Whipped cream is the favorite topping of a large number of cake-lovers. Flavored toppings can be used depending upon the kind of cake you bake. Strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate whipped cream work very well with many flavors. The best way to make your cheesecake irresistibly great is to sprinkle chocolate on the whipped cream.
Cooked Toppings
Cooked toppings are not as popular as the aforementioned ones. However, it’s a unique and new concept that makes your cake look interesting. Warm caramelized pieces of apples can be drizzled over your cheesecake to deliver a creatively delectable cake. Topping with cranberry-maple glaze, brown sugar, lemon curd, etc. can also be fantastic. Hire a Brooklyn pastry and cake shop to deliver your cheesecake, toppings can be added depending on your likes or your guests’ preferences.    


Great Desserts for Spring in Brooklyn – Canolies
by mark anthony at 2013-04-10 05:56:00

The Festival of Carnivale in Brooklyn
If you missed the festival of Carnivale or Carnival (as it is more commonly known as), which is held usually before Lent, you can still get your hands on some delicious cannolies. Usually held in February, it is celebrated in many different countries around the world with a number of feasts and a wide array of dishes. However, one prominent dish that is prepared during the carnival of spring are cannolies.
The Origin of Cannolies
Cannoli is a pastry dish that is Sicilian based. The name of this dessert originates from the word ‘cannolu’, which essentially means a ‘little tube’. Over the years, the dish has gained popularity all over the world, especially in the Americas, Italy, and France.
The Composition of Cannolies
Basically, Cannolies have two main components. The first part is the tube shaped pastry that will hold the filling together. This is mostly baked pastry that is made using different types of pastry dough depending on the preference of the chef. The filling of the original canolies dish is ricotta. After the pastry is filled with ricotta, it is rolled in icing sugar to add that element of sweetness to the surface of the dish.
Different Versions of Cannolies
Over the years, chefs around the world have taken the original cannoli dishes and tweaked the recipe to create their own versions. The basic structure and the construction of the dish remains the same. However, the changes have been made in the type of pastry that is used to make the outer shell and the filling of cannolies.
Chefs around the world have come up with different flavors and fillings that complement the pastry. There are a number of different combinations available. In the USA and Italy, you see chefs tweaking the cannoli dish to suit local preferred flavors


Best Wedding Cake Styles for Spring in Brooklyn
by mark anthony at 2013-04-03 08:23:00

Flavors for Spring
Your wedding day is the biggest of your life and it certainly requires a truly remarkable cake to mark the specialty of the occasion. If a spring wedding in Brooklyn is all you’ve ever wanted, make sure to choose a cake that displays the element of the season with its fruits and berries. Colors make a big difference when it comes to wedding cakes, and although most wedding cakes are white, colors such as lime green and pink are ideal for the spirit of spring. A bright and bold mix of yellow and orange can add some colorful exuberance to your cake.
Bloom it up
Spring is synonymous with the blooming of flowers, and it’s an interesting concept to bring to your wedding cake. Your bouquet and cake can be matched by designing sugar versions of the flowers used on your wedding day. While large sugar graphics can make a modern cake look wonderful, small daisies can create a pleasing effect on the eye if used on classic-looking wedding cakes. Apart from flowers, other elements such as butterflies can also add more substance to your cake.


Seasonal Sides to Complement the Cake
Simply choosing a Brooklyn cake shop to deliver your wedding cake may not be enough. You can make your wedding a fine spring experience by adding seasonal sides to give the cake a more appealing look. Gourmet lavender-infused ice cream, cherries, spring berries, etc. can be served along with the cake to display the true spirit of spring.       


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