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What Are Different Types of Italian Pastry Desserts?
by mark anthony at 2014-09-24 06:32:00

Italy is famous for its foods, both savory and sweet. No one can resist the succulent taste of Italian pastries that are light and airy and full of deliciousness. Italian pastries are typically filled with cheese, cream, or fruit to create all sorts of flavors.

Types of Italian pastry desserts 

Here are some much loved Italian pastry desserts that you simply should not miss:
  • Bignoles are small pastries made from cream mixed with other ingredients to create the filling. These could range from creamy almond fillings to rich chocolate. The pastries are filled after the dough has been baked to fluffy perfection.
  • Cannoli siciliani are deep-fried tubes of dough that are filled with soft ricotta cheese mixed with chocolate chips.
  • Strudel is a pastry where the dough is worked into layers and filled with sweet apples. It is served topped with a layer of heavy cream.
  • Chiacchiere is pastry dough enhanced with flavors of zest of lemon or orange, and sometimes even wine. The pastry itself is lightly-fried and sprinkled with a yummy dose of sugar.
  • Krapfen, another popular delicacy, has a filling of rich cream and apricot. It is then filled in the dough, shaped into small balls, and fried. This Italian pastry is served with the added sweetness of white sugar. 
  • Cicerata is a pastry flavored with honey. Served mostly during Christmas, this bite-sized dessert is gooey goodness.
  • Seadas pastry is famous for its cheese mixed with pasta, and is served with honey.
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