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5 Secrets to Cake Baking
by mark anthony at 2014-08-13 13:50:00

Learning how to bake can be as rewarding as eating a slice, and the satisfaction of having created something that delicious stays with you for a very long time. But before you venture into cake baking in your home in Brooklyn, it is important to know that it is more a science than an intuition. Once you have mastered the upcoming cake baking secrets, you can whip one without disasters.

5 most important secrets to cake baking

1. One of the things that is highly underrated, but a well kept secret of all professional bakers, is mise en place. Having all your ingredients perfectly measured and processed for the final mixing is the key to not having any unpleasant surprises. Cake baking requires precise timing.

2. Preheating the oven is an absolute must. Start the heating process as soon as you start preparing your ingredients so that it has a good half an hour to get warm enough.

3. Ingredients like butter, cream, eggs and milk should always be used at room temperature to prevent curdling.

4. Creaming is one of the most important aspects of cake baking. Take your time at this stage to ensure a light, fluffy and smooth end result.

5. Do not use flour without sifting. It is also important to measure things exactly and use a flat surface like a knife to get leveled measures in measuring cups. Remember it is a science.

Consider taking a baking course

These are just some of the most well kept cake baking secrets. It you are serious about your passion for baking, consider going for a baking class. A professional or expert will be able to tell you where is it that you are going wrong.