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Ideas for Toppings on a Cheesecake
by mark anthony at 2014-05-28 13:37:00

An ancient dessert.

Cheesecakes have been around for a long time. One of the earliest mentions of cheesecake was found in a book written by the Greek physician Aegimus. The modern American cheesecake we are familiar with was discovered almost accidentally. While trying to recreate the French cheese Neufchâtel, William Lawrence invented what we now refer to as the cheesecake.


A cheesecake generally consists of at least two and sometimes three layers. The top layer is made of cream cheese and the bottom layer is a sort of a crust. Over the years the variety of flavours and toppings available with cheesecakes has grown exponentially.

No limit to topping ideas

Toppings on cheesecakes can be as simple as fruits and nuts, and as exotic as fruit syrups, key lime, chestnut, and even coffee. Any seasonal fresh fruit can be used a cheesecake topping. Strawberry, lychee, mango, blackcurrant, passion-fruit, raspberry, etc are all used as cheesecake toppings.

Cheesecake for special moments

If you have planned a get together at your Brooklyn home, what better way to make your loved ones happy than some mouth watering cheesecake. Be it thanksgiving, Christmas or any other festival, some delicious cheesecake will make everyone's tastebuds tingle. Try out different toppings. You can also design the topping based on the festival to add that special effect.

Brooklyn's Beautiful Custom Graduation Cakes
by mark anthony at 2014-05-13 14:10:00

So your kid’s graduating, from college or high school, this spring! Years of hard work and studying went into this day, and now they get to celebrate! This is an important rite of passage. That’s why its important to go all out to commemorate the tremendous gain your child has achieved. The best way to do this is by adding a unique flair to the traditional graduation party. Celebrate all your grad's accomplishments with a customized fondant graduation cake!
They put in a lot of work, especially during those all nighters. In the process they grew up. Whether your kid is graduating from high school, university, trade school, or any other institution, we have the culinary confection for any tastes! Graduation is a momentous occasion, and a delectable fondant cake will make it that much better. Choose from a variety of fillings, flavors, and styles, when you come to the family run business at Circo's in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn.
We have a special fondant cake just for your graduate: topped off with mortar and tassel, an edible diploma and scroll with “Class of 2012” printed on it in food coloring, and an edible “yearbook” with your high school or college’s insignia! Or, if you give us a picture, we could make for you a photo cake for your graduate, with her or his picture printed in food coloring, right on top! Or some combination of the two! Or maybe your graduate plans to attend college in the fall, and you want to show your pride and school spirit with a themed cake, sporting the colors of the intended university! Whatever it is that you want for your graduate, the fantastic Brooklyn bakers in our store will bring your thoughts to fruition and help you celebrate your loved one's graduation day.
So show your newly minted graduate that you’re proud and that you care. Give us a call, email us, or stop by our Bushwick Italian Bakery so you can add an exciting edible addition to that special day. We guarantee that your grad will love it, and wish them a big congratulations from all the bakers and employees at Circo's!



NYC’s Best Cannoli
by mark anthony at 2014-05-07 15:00:00

Way back when, Bushwick was home to a bustling Sicilian community. The venerable Circo’s Pastry Shop honors that past in every offering, from its miniature cheesecakes to its sfogliatelle to its amazing cannoli. Buttressed with cherries, sprinkled with powdered sugar, oozing tangy cream, the cannolo here is perhaps our favorite in the city. If you’re a true glutton, consider the Family Cannoli, a huge cannolo filled to bursting with about 50 mini cannoli.

(credit: CBS Local)