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Best Wedding Cake Styles for Spring
by mark anthony at 2014-04-30 12:18:00

A wedding is a momentous occasion in anyone's life, and deserves to be marked with the perfect wedding cake. A wedding cake is a fantastic way to highlight the theme of love, and nothing says love better than the season of spring. If you are a resident of Brooklyn, and have recently gotten  hitched, one of the things that you will inevitably start thinking about is the theme of your wedding cake.

Choosing the cake

Various pastry shops in Brooklyn can help you choose from a wide selection of wedding cakes, with different styles and themes. If you have scheduled for a spring wedding, make sure the cake you choose goes well with the spring theme. A truly remarkable wedding cake has everything to do with the little details. Spring is the season of bloom, so perhaps you may want to consider adding fruit or berry elements to your cake.
Selecting the colors
The interplay of colour on your wedding cake will also play a massive role in describing its theme. While traditional wedding cakes are mostly white, adding a touch of pink or lime green is an ideal way to spruce up both the wedding cake, and the occasion. Other bright colours that match the beauty of spring include yellow and orange.

You can also choose from an assortment of sugar graphics and floral elements. These kinds of elements are a classy way to signal the start of a new relationship. Finally, a wedding cake needs to go hand in hand with other desserts at your wedding. You can choose desert items like lavender-infused ice cream, spring berries and cherries, as ideal compliments to your cake.


Great Holiday Cakes for Easter
by mark anthony at 2014-04-16 12:33:00

Are you looking for Easter holiday cakes to share in your Brooklyn home? Creating a memorable Easter dessert is a desire for many Brooklyn homeowners who go out of their way to include cakes and cookies into their meal. Here are the top holiday cakes for this Easter.
The traditional choices
Nothing beats tradition when it comes to holiday cakes. A traditional and delicious white cake with simple white icing is often the best end to a hearty Easter meal. If you are excited by the prospects of the Easter bunny, you can enhance your holiday by baking a carrot cake.
Other traditional choices for Easter holiday cakes include macaroons, sandwich cookies, fruit tarts as well as pies and pound cake with berry compote. What’s more fun than baking a giant Easter egg cookie complete with your choice of toppings and ingredients to make it truly unique? You can also enjoy a classical Easter with hot cross buns, the hummingbird cakes filled with unique flavors of banana and pineapple.
Interesting choices
In keeping with the joyous and happy time of Easter, you can include nutrition and care into your desserts. Who said holiday cakes have to be filled with sugary and unhealthy goodness. If you want to make healthier cakes, feel free to add low-fat ingredients as well as fresh fruits to give your Easter dessert a fresh and unique spin. If you are inclined to experimenting than sticking to traditions, a classic cinnamon roll topped with maple and coffee icing can add a new zing to your dinner table.