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Creating a Winter Themed Cake
by mark anthony at 2014-01-20 11:29:00

There is nothing better than celebrating the cold winter with a variety of winter themed cake Brooklyn custom cakes. You may wonder what exactly you may be able to include for winter themed custom cakes. This could be due to the fact that most people often associate white to be the only shade that can be used to depict winter. You could also use icy blue, gold, silver, earthy browns, burgundy, dark blue and many other variations depending on the occasion. Using these combinations in the base as well as accents can give your cake an outstanding wintery look. Here are some easy tips for your winter themed custom cakes.
The best way to depict winter through your cake would be by simply using elements of nature in it. Use your creativity to incorporate pinecones, twigs and birds moderately spread through your cake. You can also use chocolate dust to represent the earth Twigs on the side of the cake will give a much required rustic accent to the cake.

Another element you can use for your custom cakes would be snow and snowflakes. Snowflakes can be used to give similar accents as you do with flowers. Make your snowflakes as lacy as possible. You can also go a step ahead and use crystal sugar and edible glitter to create icy daggers to perfect a winter wonderland look. Other than this, you can also use winter themed flowers such as evergreen, holly, pines and so on.


Start Your Own High Tea Party with Circos Pastries
by mark anthony at 2014-01-15 08:10:00

Hosting a High Tea Party with the Perfect Pastries
The English tradition of high tea party or afternoon tea party is a great way to host your baby shower, bridal shower, girl’s get-together, or Mother’s Day celebrations. It is the latest trend in celebrating any occasion and it is also affordable. You can even make the weekend afternoons with your significant other more fun by making a high tea menu. There is a wide range of options when it comes to the pastry and cookie menu for an afternoon tea party.
Choosing a menu for an afternoon tea party in Brooklyn
A high tea party can be fun to organize and host without spending hundreds of dollars; just make sure you get some of the details right. Afternoon tea is taken between 3pm and 5pm, and it consists of a light meal and some tea, so you need to get the timing right on your invitation cards and e-cards. When hosting a high tea party, you get to use all your fancy China and unique plates that you rarely have the chance to use. Keep the colors simple and coordinated to add more style to your table.
For fresh baked pastries and cookies, Circos Pastries in Brooklyn offers a wide variety of delicious treats that are suitable for an afternoon tea party.  Here are some menu ideas for a fun and memorable high tea party:
Tea, served with sugar and cream according to the liking of your guests.
You can minimize the menu list by choosing your favorite types of fresh baked pastries to serve to your guests. Circos Pastries serves all these delicious pastry items, so make sure you check out the other choices available. You can also get them to deliver the goodies, so that you get more time to organize everything else for your high tea party.