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Pastry Ideas for Thanksgiving Dinner
by mark anthony at 2013-11-22 15:53:00

Easy to prepare Thanksgiving pastries

A Thanksgiving dinner, no matter how satiating, is never complete without a dessert. Cakes and pastries have come to form an integral part of all celebrations. Following are some of the easy to prepare Thanksgiving pastries that will add to the delight of your dinner.
Common Pies
Apple, pumpkin and pecan pies have become traditional Thanksgiving pastries, as they are not only delicious, but also easy to prepare. Using a pumpkin, you can add spice and create some tasty autumn sweets, whether it’s a pumpkin soufflé or a classic pumpkin pie. Apple pie, which is an American classic, has several different variations, giving you the option to try as many as you want, whilst keeping the Thanksgiving dinner traditional. Pecan pies, with their gooey and sweet crunch are the ideal way to end a dinner. Truffles and pastries of the Southern pie will surely leave your guests satisfied.
Healthy and cozy recipes
Since people tend to let loose during the holiday season, you can play a major role in restricting the large intake of extra calories. Desserts can be provided with a healthier edge and these yummy treats will keep fat and calories away with small changes in ingredients. Creamy puddings and rich cakes have always added a great finale to Thanksgiving meals. Ice cream and pie together make for a fantastic combination, thus ensuring that your dessert will turn out delicious and that your guests will leave your home happy and satiated.


Making the Perfect Pie for Thanksgiving
by mark anthony at 2013-11-20 15:57:00

The occasion of Thanksgiving marks the start of the pie-baking season in Brooklyn. It is also the perfect time to try out your untapped skills in pie making. There should be no reason to try to make a perfect pumpkin pie. According to chefs, a good pie is one that is made with love.
Rusticity and Homemade Pies
The rusticity of a homemade pumpkin pie holds greater appeal for people than the so-called perfect pies. A homemade pie can be bumpy, a little lopsided and sometimes even too brown. But it tastes better for all these qualities. According to established chefs, pies taste great when they are rustic. They can be decorated, but a simple, no frills pie with an ice cream on top tastes better.
The number one concern among amateur pie makers is the crust. It can turn out to be too dry or too wet. The point of contention is usually the amount of butter that is to be added. According to pie experts, a pastry cutter should be used in place of a food processor. The cutter should be turned on until the butter takes the appearance of a cornmeal, but with bigger bits scattered all over. If the piecrust is prepared by hand, then the water is more evenly distributed and the end result is a better crust.
Preferred Pies for Thanksgiving
Any pie is acceptable on the occasion of Thanksgiving! You can order any pie, from chocolate walnut tart to pumpkin pie all dressed up in brown butterscotch or chai spices. Anything with autumn spices will work.


Perfect Apple Deserts for Fall
by mark anthony at 2013-11-01 02:07:00

Italian Apple Pies
The north of Italy is in close connection with Austria, and its cuisine thus draws influence from Austria and Germany. Apple-based delicacies such as apple cakes and strudels are very popular all over the country. In fact, apples are innovatively used in several dishes in the country, and the torta di mele – apple pie is among the best options if you’re looking for a sweet treat in the fall. This wonderful desert packed with delicate and sweet apple flavor, is delicious, easy to prepare and one of the most popular Italian deserts that are sure to leave you and your guests wanting for more.


What makes torta di mele ideal for the fall?
The torta di mele – apple pie is elegant yet rustic, making for a fine fall desert. Americans usually go cuckoo over apple deserts during the summer and fall, and the aromatic apples which peak during the fall can be used to make a truly exotic desert from time to time. The rich aroma of the dish is ideal during the fall as it represents warmth and comfort. Lemon zest and cinnamon are also usually added to the desert if you’re looking to give it a bit of north Italian or German flair. Adding Amaretto will surely deliver the Italian taste, and a cafe latte to go with the desert will surely make for many a fine treats during the fall.