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Fun Halloween Cookies and Cupcakes
by mark anthony at 2013-10-23 12:16:00

Candy Coated Cake
A tri-colored candy cake can make for a fine Halloween treat as it is easy to prepare, great to look at, and delicious to taste. Ingredients include your choice of cake mix, Candy Melts of three colors, ideally orange, yellow and white. To prepare the candy, the cakes must be baked and cooled before you melt the Candy Melts based on the directions specified on the package. Ice the back of the mini cakes with melted white candy using a spatula and let it set. Then, pipe the melted colored candy on the top, middle and bottom of the mini cakes using parchment bags and let them set. Your treats will be ready within a matter of minutes and the vibrant colors and delicious taste are sure to leave your guests wanting more.
Skeleton Cupcakes
Halloween cupcakes are becoming increasingly popular, and few designs highlight the spirit of the event than skeletons. To make skeleton cupcakes, you will require the cake mix of your choice, buttercream icing, cornstarch and black colored icing. The cake must be baked and left to cool before the icing is prepared. Outline skeletons with the white icing and pat with your corn starch-dipped finger to smoothen it. Small bones and ribs can be placed using tip 8s. Careful design of the ribs, hips, shoulders, arms and legs can deliver a wonderful effect. Then pipe eyes with black icing and pat smooth until ready for consumption