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Customized Cake for August Birthdays
by mark anthony at 2013-07-31 12:17:00

Exciting Alternatives to Plain Cakes
A birthday is never complete without a cake. Ordering the same old cake, made in your favorite flavor can be a bit boring on your birthday especially if your birthday is in the pleasant month of August. This August, try customized fondant cakes and see how the entire look will transform the boring theme to a more excited one. Plain looking cakes are old fashioned these days. Everybody wants a more fun and colorful cake that they can identify themselves with on their birthday. Many bakeries and pastry shops in Brooklyn have experts who can style your cake in the design you like.
Come in Various Shapes, Sizes, Colors, and Designs
Having the same cake for your birthday or gifting the same cake to your loved ones on their birthdays can be quite tiring and boring. Bring in a touch of sweetness and personalized touch to the birthday cakes by ordering customized fondant cakes at any of the Brooklyn pastry stores or bakeries. You can choose from different toppings, flavors, sizes, and even designs. It is advisable to stop spending money on plain looking cakes that don’t really satisfy you, and instead go in for personal designs on the cake.

Fondant Cakes Are More Exciting
Since fondant is a soft base and can be beaten into various shapes, you can top the cake with the favorite car, cartoon character, or even musical instruments of the birthday boy/girl. Depending on what the person likes, you can order for particular fondant deigns, which is not only edible, but also make the cake look more colorful and exciting. Since August is quite a pleasant month, customized fondant cakes can be used in the outdoor-themed party, without fearing any melting. 


Choosing the Right Cake for a Summer Wedding
by mark anthony at 2013-07-24 08:44:00

Choosing the Right Cake for a Summer Wedding
Summer weddings in Brooklyn are celebrated in style, and the importance of floral wedding cakes cannot be emphasized enough. Cakes with a floral theme represent the spirit of the season. Exquisite designs of flowers, leaves, berries, and ribbons make for charming cakes that will leave your guests with jaws wide open. Belgian chocolate, fragrant pecans, imported liqueurs, seasonal berries, and fresh farm butter can be part of your recipe that will finely blend freshness and flavors to set your cake apart from the average wedding cake. They will be delicious and moist, surely leaving your guests wanting for more. A variety of fillings and other flavors can also be assessed if you’re looking for something different.

Options for Great Summer Wedding Cakes
Floral wedding cakes can be of different types. You can choose the design that best suits your preferences, but decorating it with other additions will not only make it look attractive, but it will also be a fantastic treat for your guests’ taste buds. Special cooked whipped butter and sugar syrup, an exotic French cream, bourbon chocolate truffle, and other such exquisite additions will make your wedding a truly great occasion. Covering your cake with buttercream, fondant icing, rolled, or with dark or white chocolate will make for a truly exceptional display. Our Brooklyn pastry and cake shop can create that ideal cake to mark the most special day of your life, ensuring that your guests will thoroughly enjoy their desert.         


Best Custom Cakes for Summer Birthdays
by mark anthony at 2013-07-16 11:55:00

Importance of Custom Cakes
Custom birthday cakes are a great way to make your loved ones feel extremely special and to make their birthday celebration memorable with the things that they hold dear. Depending on what the person loves most, you can get the design incorporated into their cake from our Brooklyn shop. Apart from the design, you can also customize the cake to a greater extent, with a picture of the celebrant on the icing, or other such additions of your choice.

Interesting Designs for the Summer
Fresh berries that are known to thrive in the summer can be used to create dainty raspberry chocolate cakes and cupcakes. Since the summer is about the beach and fun, a cake in the shape and design of a mermaid can be an excellent idea for a poolside birthday celebration. Once the cake is cut, a dip in the pool will surely make your guests have a great time.
A cake in the shape of a butterfly topped with gum will set the hearts of your guests aflutter. A colorful cake in the form of a fish tank will surely make for an amazing presentation. Since the fish, sea weeds, and pebbles are bound to be of different colors, different fruits and flavors can be blended into one big fishy delight. 
Cakes or Cupcakes
Cupcakes have become increasingly popular in modern times. If you’re taking the contemporary route for a summer birthday, little sun-shaped cupcakes are a great option. Even cupcakes in the form of a baseball glove-and-ball are something your sports-loving birthday celebrant will love. Custom birthday cakes can make your loved ones’ birthday truly special and leave your guests delighted with the party.  


Pastries to Bring to a Summer BBQ
by mark anthony at 2013-07-10 13:22:00

Ingredients to Make Honey Balls
Honey balls or struffoli is a fantastic Neapolitan treat for the summer. It is often the main part of the pastry tray and these small fired fritters are filled with candy sprinkles and honey. They are delicious, gooey, and sweet – soft internally with a crunchy exterior. Famous among Italian families, they are soon becoming a part of Brooklyn celebrations as well. The ingredients required to make honey balls include six large eggs, four cups of flour, a large cup of sugar, three tablespoons of baking soda, a cup of honey, candy sprinkles, and vegetable oil.

How to Prepare Honey Balls
Butter and eggs must be whisked together in a bowl. The baking powder and flour must be sifted together before they are mixed with the mixture of butter and eggs. The dough must be mixed until soft. Divide it into four pieces and roll foot-long ropes around half an inch thick. The ropes should then be cut into one-inch pieces. These pieces must be lightly dusted with flour and fried until they turn golden brown and puffed.
Spoons can be used to remove them from the pan after which they must be drained on paper towels. Honey and sugar must be combined and heated until the sugar melts. Using this mixture, coat the fried dough and place them on a plate in the shape of a pyramid. Candy sprinkles can then be added and allowed to cool for two hours. Your honey balls will then be ready.        


Choosing the Best Cookie or Pastry for 4th of July
by mark anthony at 2013-07-03 13:14:00

Options for a Patriotic Independence Day
The 4th of July can be celebrated in some style with American cookies and pastries. Independence Day cookies in the classic red, white, and blue color combination are the ideal offerings for your guests. Pastries in the design of the American flag along with small star cookies can make your 4th of July celebration a great occasion. Wilton tools and sugar sheets can be used to create patriotic cookies to light up your celebration. Cookies with icing can be decked with sparkles and sprayed with color mist or piping gel to enhance their aesthetic appeal.
Ideas for Patriotic Cookies
Star cookies with red and white stripes as well as small dots of sugar make for lively presentations for an energetic Independence Day celebration. Cookies in the shape of the American flag can be designed using cutters, and the addition of stripes with shimmering or sparkling gel is sure to make your guests salute your offering.

Uncle Sam cookies with a stick can be made with tinted dough and a flag pick can be added for a fine American goodie. A pinwheel cookies pop is another great idea as it can be served during the fireworks show. They appear in the form of a circle, but with the colors of the American flag on them, making them perfect for a day to commemorate the stars and stripes. The right Independence Day cookies can make your 4th of July celebrations in Brooklyn truly memorable. So make sure you choose the best ones to mark the historic occasion.