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Remembering a Special Moment with a Photo Cake
by mark anthony at 2012-10-31 11:01:00

Cakes have always been a very popular way of celebrating occasions and creating memories in Brooklyn. Traditionally, cakes shared on special occasions were always round or square shaped with frosting and icing layering them. Not anymore, though. Today, if the occasion is grand, then the cake is invariably grander, ensuring that once you bite into a slice, you remember both, the special moment shared and the taste of the cake as well.
There are many new Italian bakeries in the Brooklyn area that are experimenting with new designs and formats of cake today. These bakeries have been baking some of Brooklyn’s best breads, pastries and cakes for years now and specialize in customizing cakes for special occasions; be it a wedding, your child’s first birthday or even graduation.

Some pastry shops in the Brooklyn area also offer photo cakes. Just as their name suggests, these are ordinary baked and frosted cakes, with the addition that they carry a photo of your loved one on them, which is edible and as tasty as the rest of the cake.
Bakers usually make such edible photos by scanning the photo given and then printing it out on a special kind of edible icing paper made out of rice powder, corn-starch or pulped potatoes. The colored ink used on this printed photo is made out of food coloring and is as safe as anything else with food color in it. Photo cakes offered at local pastry shops in Brooklyn are marvels of baking techniques and technology, and are simply ‘a must taste’. 


Best Fondant Cakes from Brooklyn Like the Ones on Cake Boss
by mark anthony at 2012-10-18 05:59:00

If you are new to Brooklyn and are looking to dig into some nice pastries and cakes from the area's famous Italian bakeries, then there are many places you can visit. One of the oldest and most well known cake baking shops in Brooklyn, Circo's Pastry Shop has diversified and expanded over the years and is today well known for its photo cakes, pastries and breads. However, the one thing that everyone visiting the local store praises the most is the diverse catalog of fondant cakes.

Most people don’t know this, but traditionally fondant itself is a kind of frosting or icing meant to be layered on cakes. It was created and used first in Europe, where it was considered a luxury meant only for royal cakes. However, over the years, new ways and techniques of creating fondant cakes have emerged that these have now become quite common.

However, because of the nature of fondant itself, such cakes are not easy to bake or assemble. Pastry shops in Brooklyn are one of the few old school bakeries that have mastered the art of creating amazing cakes out of fondant. Fondant cakes baked at local bakeries look exactly like the ones shown on the hugely popular baking based reality TV series, Cake Boss.

However, that’s not all, as pastry shops in Brooklyn are equally well known for customizing fondant cakes to suit any/all of your personal requirements. Irrespective of the occasion, be it a wedding, a birthday or just a get well soon cake, these cake shops offer you numerous options and designs of fondant cakes to choose from. One bite of the delicious fondant cake is enough to keep you coming back for more.