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Celebrate Women’s Equality Day from Your Local Brooklyn Favorite
by mark anthony at 2012-08-30 06:04:00

Pastries are a great way to celebrate any occasion, and Women’s Equality Day can be embraced by one of the many choices of pastries from Circo’s including Mini Cheese Cake, Strawberry Cup, Inis, Tiramisu, Sfogliatelle, Cream Puff, Lulu’s, Italian Ricotta, Flag, Cannoli, Lobster Tail, Cassatini, Pasta Chote, Cartoci, etc. The bakery is known for its excellent quality of pastries, cakes and cookies – all handmade and mouth-wateringly delicious.
The traditional taste can be found in each and every pastry at Circo’s, offering the joy and comfort of the days when big families gathered at tables to engage in conversations and play card games. Sicily’s authentic taste is what makes Circo’s one of the best bakeries in town. The Cannoli’s are the signature item of the bakery, with the same love, recipe and ingredients put into each Cannoli since the 1940s. The special service and attention provided by Circo’s can be seen with their hand filled cannoli. All the other pastries are just as delicious and you will keep coming back for more once you’ve had a bit of their yummy offerings.  

Circo’s also provides pastries and cakes for special occasions. You can celebrate your favorite days with customized cakes, adding personalized messages, prints or designs to make the occasions all the more special. Not only are the pastries delicious for you to feast on, but they also make for great gifts for small occasions. The fruit tarts make for fantastic little treats, and the quality of the pastries are second to none. Each one is different, but they all have that element of Sicily in their taste, making them some of Brooklyn’s most sought after delights.      

And don't forget to check out our coffee and breakfast time pick me-ups!

Friendships Day Celebrations with Cookies
by mark anthony at 2012-08-23 07:00:00

Cookies are among the most popular offerings at get-togethers and most informal occasions. Friendships day has just passed, and what better way to remind your friends of your love for them than sending across some delicious cookies? Circo’s Pastry Shop is Brooklyn’s finest bakery, and has been selling some of the most mouth-watering cookies, cakes and pastries. The quality and taste of the pastry items and cookies are sure to keeping wanting more. Patrons are known to enjoy the quality of the delights on offer and the authentic taste of the snacks that makes them so yummy.
Circo’s tasty delights are still prepared in the traditional way. Regardless whether you want some freshly baked Biscotti, Cannoli or Pastachote’, or anything that you want to customize based on the needs of the occasion, Circo’s will definitely offer you just the thing you’re looking for.
Circo’s can add personalized messages to decorate cookie trays for any special occasion you may request for. Something like a “Friends Forever” will surely make your friend’s day, and Circo’s can offer their suggestions as well to make your order as interesting as possible.

The cookie trays at Circo’s make for great gifts, as they are elegant. The cookies are also very delicious, making what’s inside as good as what it looks like on the outside. The butter cookies are handmade and make for a great gift, rather than the usual bottle of wine.
The selection of tastes at Circo’s includes Pignoli, Almond paste with cherry, Umberto, Fiori D’Mandola, Cinnamon Stick, Rainbow Cookie, Gigiolana, Dolce Di Mandola, Moscardino, Butter Cookies, Taralle, S’Biscotti, Almond Biscotti. All of these are made in the true Italian style, and make for brilliant post-friendships day gifts.

Celebrate Assumption Day with Cakes from Circo’s
by mark anthony at 2012-08-16 09:52:00

Assumption Day is the day Mary ascended into heaven after her death, and the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady is among the most popular celebrations of the Catholic Church. This year, you can celebrate the Feast of the Assumption by getting a customized cake of Mother Mary from Circo’s.
The bakery is among the finest in Brooklyn and you can find cakes for any occasion. Religious cakes from Circo’s are very popular as the shop is known to cater to a host of religious ceremonies such as Baptisms, Holy Communions, Holy Confirmations, etc. The quality of the cakes make them perfect for festive occasions, and the Assumption of Mary can be celebrated in style with cakes from Circo’s.

Circo’s is known not only for their delicious offerings, but also for their trusted service. It’s very often that customers walk into cake shops saying that the bakery that had agreed to make their cake cancelled at the last minute. Nothing can get as disappointing as a special occasion without a cake, and Circo’s understands that as well as anyone who is in need of a cake. The bakery can be trusted for quality as well as reliability. You can be sure that your order will be dispatched in the time promised to you, to make sure that your feast will go as planned. Circo’s offers delivery services that can be made the most of by having the cake delivered to the venue of your party.
With a wide variety of flavors and options to choose from, Circo’s will definitely make your Assumption Day cake as festive as the occasion itself.  We also service hot and iced coffee and other various coffee based drinks.

Making Wedding Plans? Get Your Custom Wedding Cake at Circo's
by mark anthony at 2012-08-06 06:46:00

A summer wedding in New York City! What a wonderful event to which your family and friends are looking forward! But of course, planning a wedding party requires a great deal of work and time. For starters, what kind of wedding cake are you going to treat them to? The one thing your guests will probably remember most of all about the wedding party is this wedding cake.
So why not make it a unique experience? Why not order a luscious looking fondant cake, custom made, by the professional bakers at Circo’s, who will make your cake one your guests will always remember?

Do you want to get a standard dried out cake from the supermarket? Of course not! Here at Circo’s family bakery in Brooklyn, we have 82 styles of wedding cakes displayed on our web page: all different styles to choose from. We have the traditional white cake, but we also have sky blue wedding cakes, cakes laces with sugary flowers, cakes with little statuettes of the bride and groom, cakes with loving inscriptions to the bride and groom, cakes that look like the pillows in the honeymoon suite, etc. So take a look at our vast selection and give us a call right away before the wedding day takes you by surprise, at (888) 859-6082