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Picnic In Brooklyn With Delicious Italian Pastries
by mark anthony at 2012-05-23 14:04:00

Summer is here, and the New York area, especially Brooklyn, provides plenty of opportunities for picnicking. There’s our beautiful Prospect Park, and the Surf Avenue Park in Coney Island, in which there will be music concerts at night, and other, cozier parks like the Brooklyn Bridge Park. There is nothing better on a warm summer’s day than packing up a container of food and heading out with some friends for a great picnic. And the best part of your picnic might just be a delicious box of Italian pastries to devour with your friends and family. Whether it is a casual day out or a family reunion, nothing beats the taste of Circo’s Italian cookies and traditional pastries, shared with loved ones.
So drop by the shop and select from the wide array of pastries made fresh daily. The residents of Brooklyn know that Circo’s brings the old world taste of Italian baking alongside the innovative and revolutionary thinking of exceptional bakers and pastry chefs. Whether you want to pick up a box of cannoli, or mix and match some of the delicious cookies seen on display Circo’s Pastry Shop has what you need to make that day out really special, and extra tasty.
If you happen to be in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn stop by the bakery and try some of the delectable Italian creations, you won’t be able to leave without a box for the whole family! The fantastic bakers at Circo’s pride themselves on making the best, most authentic Italian pastries and confections every day. Stop by and try some fresh tiramisu with a cup of coffee. We guarantee it will be the best part of your day. Just don’t forget to bring some home to share! Call the shop, or drop in today to try it for yourself.
                             Brooklyn Italian Pastry


Brooklyn's Perfect Communion Cake
by mark anthony at 2012-05-15 15:09:00

As you are planning for your child’s communion party, there are so many things to consider. What better way to celebrate such a momentous, important, and exciting event than with a custom created religious cake from Circo’s? The pastry chefs at this Italian Bakery in Brooklyn are more than prepared to bring you a perfect and unique cake to help you express your pride and joy. Your family and friends will love the delicious and professionally crafted cake that the pastry masters at Circo’s will prepare for you.
Your second grader is about to enter the Church, by taking the Eucharist. He or she joins the rest of the community at the table of the Lord. This is a big step on the way to growing up, and you should take the time to celebrate it! For years we have offered Brooklyn residents hundreds of gorgeous and delectable communion cake options, drop by and take a look for yourself!
This is a big step in your child’s life. After the beautiful ceremony, show your child how proud you are that they are passing this grand milestone—with a communion cake from Circo’s Pastry Shop.
We at Circo’s in Brooklyn have a variety of religious cakes from which to choose. They are beautifully decorated, mouth-watering, fondant covered cakes. Your child will deeply appreciate the celebratory nature of this Eucharist sacrament with a cake decorated with a cross, and an inscription expressing your love, pride, and best wishes.
Get ready for this great day in your child’s life! Give us a call, email us, or drop by the store in Brooklyn, you won’t regret it! Make your special event all the more important, by having this Italian bakery dream up the perfect fondant cake for your kid.
                 Brooklyn Communion Cake


Mother's Day Italian Pastries and Cakes in Brooklyn!
by mark anthony at 2012-05-10 12:45:00

This Mother’s Day show your mom how much she means to you with a box of traditional Italian pastries! A delicious and beautiful pastry treat can be given in place of, or alongside, the traditional gift of flowers. Nothing makes a mom happier than the delectable, attractive, and traditional pastries these Italian bakers dream up! Whether you come from an Italian family, or you are simply looking for a taste of old world charm and expertise, you can count on Circo’s to brighten up your Mother’s Day celebration.
            If you attend or host a gathering for many mothers, consider getting an irresistible custom cake for Mother's Day from this Brooklyn Bakery. If you want cupcakes, arranged with a color and theme, or a fondant cake that really speaks to the importance and irreplaceable nature of all the mothers in your life, these Italian culinary experts are ready to deliver! With delicious fillings, designs, and adornments to choose from, you can be sure that this cake, and this special holiday, will not be soon forgotten!
            Take part in a gathering that will make the day even more memorable, by complimenting it with any of the wonderful Italian pastries, mouth-watering cookies, or beautiful custom fondant cakes this little Bushwick bakery has to offer. Feel free to stop by the store and take a look at the magnificent displays of culinary creativity on every shelf. You won’t be able to stop yourself from coming back again! And the close-knit family that Circo’s has created will welcome you with open arms. So say thank you to that special lady that has helped you through all the rough spots, the best moments, and the everyday mishaps we all go through! Your mom is amazing, unique, and special, just like the pastries and cakes from Circo’s Bakery in Brooklyn! So stop by or give them a call today!
                         Brooklyn Custom Mother's Day Cakes