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Brooklyn’s Delicious Italian Pastries
by mark anthony at 2012-03-27 14:10:00

           When spring hits and the weather is nice Brooklyn shakes off its winter lethargy and you might be more inclined to go out and try new places, or return to old favorites. Nothing goes better with a spring afternoon than a delicious pastry from Circo’s Italian Bakery in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn. Grab a cannoli and head to the park for a picnic! Or perhaps you are looking to bring a little excitement to your family get together with a tray of delicious Italian cookies! The decadent Italian pastries from the master chefs at Circo’s will brighten any spring day. And when the April showers set in, stop by Circo’s to grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a warm pastry treat. If you are looking for aplace to meet up with friends or a new culinary creation to sample stop by and check out this family owned bakery!
            The custom fondant cakes that these baking geniuses come up with bring magic to any day. If you want the perfect baby shower addition, a themed custom cake from Circo’s is absolutely perfect. Take home a taste of Italy with traditional pastries and cookies that excite taste buds and comfort the soul. Circo’s has been an integral part of Bushwick since 1945. Let the amazing smells and mouth-watering Italian pastries whisk you away to a time of simple pleasures and culinary ingenuity. Whether you are looking to enjoy a classic cannoli or an incredible éclair Circo’s Italian Pastry Shop has everything you need to make any day into a special occasion. Stop by the shop or give them a call to enjoy delicious Italian pastries and custom fondant cakes!


Brooklyn's Beautiful Wedding Cakes
by mark anthony at 2012-03-21 14:42:00

           Spring may carry the sound of wedding bells for your Brooklyn family. A spring wedding is like a fresh new day, and it's yours to celebrate with your children, your loved ones and friends. You’ve got the setting, the music, and the invitations have all gone out. All you need now is a delicious custom wedding cake to make the occasion even more special. Circo’s Bakery in Bushwick can bring culinary and visual delight to the entire wedding party. We offer a wide selection of wedding cakes to Brooklyn residents. Take a look at examples on our custom wedding cake page, where we have everything from classic white tiers to themed fondant cake creations! Or you can make your own extravagant custom creation with the help of the talented bakers at Circo’s Pastry Shop! Your wedding day should be special, and with a custom fondant wedding cake from Circo’s you can add personality and elegance to any style of wedding.
            As a well-known name in Brooklyn, Circo’s is proud of a reputation built on phenomenal customer service and bringing your dream cakes to life! For years this family-owned bakery has been a part of Bushwick and the cakes, Italian pastries, and cookies are nothing short of amazing. If you want the perfect custom cake for your next wedding, baby shower, birthday party, or family gathering you can trust this important job to Circo’s. Stop by the bakery today and speak with one of the expert bakers or give them a call so that these culinary masterminds can get to work on your unforgettable custom cake!



Gorgeous Custom Cakes in Brooklyn
by mark anthony at 2012-03-13 12:24:00

Custom Birthday Cake
           Whether it is a birthday, a holiday, a baby shower, or even a wedding, nothing makes an event more complete than a custom designed cake. At Circo’s Bakery in Brooklyn the pastry chefs make each cake to fit the individual or spirit of the event it is created for. After a consultation with one of the master chefs you are on your way to a beautifully constructed fondant cake. With many fillings, colors, and styles to choose from, any cake you can dream up becomes real at the hands of Circo’s Pastry Shop. If your son is fascinated by space, you can serve him a spaceship on his special day. If your girlfriend loves her Gucci handbag, Circo’s can create a realistic, but completely edible, custom cake replica that she will always remember. Part of gift giving is showing someone that you care about him or her and the many interests that makes that individual so unique. You can tastefully do this with a delectable themed custom fondant cake!
            Surprise a soon to be mother with a custom baby shower cake that adds a special touch to such an exciting event. When you are looking for a gift to bring to your niece or nephew’s birthday party, consider a princess cake shaped like a real castle, or a custom fondant cake made into the jersey from a favorite sports team! If your dream wedding cake is a classic tiered masterpiece in white, or if it is an extravagant colorful custom cake, the experts at Circo’s will make it perfect. So if you end up in Bushwick this spring stop by and try some of the delicious pastries that this family pastry shop is so famous for. Or call the shop and make an appointment to work on your dream custom cake. The atmosphere at Circo’s Pastry shop in Brooklyn is one of classic Italian baking, and friendly professional service. Stop by and enjoy an Italian pastry, or a delicious cookie while you take in the spirit of this exceptional culinary establishment.
         Custom Fondant Cake


Brooklyn's Beautiful Custom Birthday Cakes
by mark anthony at 2012-03-06 16:18:00

           Are you looking for the perfect way to brighten up a birthday party? What is that special “something” that makes a gathering special? A custom birthday cake from Circo’s is your perfect special addition to your next birthday extravaganza! Whether your son wants a Toy Story Themed cake, or your niece is crazy for castles the bakers at Circo’s in Brooklyn can build you the cake of your dreams! We have made all kinds of inventive and exciting custom fondant cakes and each customer creates an opportunity to try something new! There is no idea to big or too small for the culinary geniuses at this little Bushwick bakery to construct.
           If your girlfriend, or boyfriend loves sweets, surprise your loved one with a beautiful fondant cake that fits his or her tastes. These master chefs create beautiful lace adorned cakes and theatrical and realistic themed creations. From magic lamps and flying carpets to elegant polka dots and beautiful bows, any style is made beautiful at Circo’s in Brooklyn. So whether you are planning for a tiered masterpiece or a simply gorgeous custom cake give the bakers at Circo’s a call, and you won’t be disappointed. Stop by and try their famous cannoli, or any of the other delightful Italian pastries in this old world shop. This family owned pastry shop is a prize in Bushwick and the beginning of your perfect custom birthday cake!