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Brooklyn's Finest Custom Baby Shower Cakes
by mark anthony at 2012-02-28 13:15:00

           As spring approaches your calendar begins to fill up. And what new events are creating such a commotion in your schedule? Baby showers of course! From clever games, to good food, the only thing missing from your friend’s baby shower is the perfect custom cake! Circo’s Bakery in Bushwick is prepared to take your order. Whether you are looking for a special fondant cake or a colorful creation we can make all your culinary dreams come true. Are you looking for that special gift to make your friend, sister, or loved one’s baby shower perfect? A custom shower themed cake will not only brighten up the party, the mother-to-be will never forget such a meaningful gift! Create a lasting impression with a simple baby shower cake, or an extravagant custom creation from the talented bakers at Circo’s Pastry Shop!
           As a well-known name in Brooklyn, Circo’s is proud of a reputation built on phenomenal customer service and bringing your dream custom fondant cakes to life! For years this family-owned bakery has been a part of Bushwick and the cakes, Italian pastries, and cookies are nothing short of amazing. If you want the perfect custom cake for your next baby shower, birthday party, or family gathering you can trust this important job to Circo’s. Stop by the bakery today and speak with one of the expert bakers or give them a call so that these culinary masterminds can get to work on your unforgettable custom cake!
              Brooklyn custom cake


Brooklyn's Best Valentine's Day Gifts and Pastries
by mark anthony at 2012-02-13 15:50:00

           Don’t go with the traditional overpriced flowers this year. Why not substitute a dozen red roses for a dozen delicious chocolate covered strawberries? They’re edible, beautiful, and they make any Valentine’s Day special. Instead of the expected card express your love with an exquisitely crafted heart shaped cake for your sweetie. Your spouse will be thrilled with a culinary creation, filled to the brim with fresh fruits dipped in delectable chocolate. These wonderful Valentine’s Day treats are brought to you by Circo’s Bakery in Brooklyn.
Chocolate Covered Strawberries at Circo's Bakery in Brooklyn
            Start a new holiday tradition by bringing home a box of chocolate strawberries or heart shaped cookies this February. Nothing says ‘I Love You” better than a red and white custom cake. You can be the hero this holiday when you hand that special someone a sweet gift to enjoy. The baking expertise of Circo’s ensures that your loved one will not be disappointed when they unwrap a box of chocolate strawberries covered in red hearts, coconut, or almonds.
            Drop by Circo’s in Bushwick and take a look at the beautiful ‘sweetheart’ themed items that they have available for Valentine’s Day. Whether it is for your date, your spouse, your mother, or a friend, everyone will appreciate the delicious nature of a gift from Circo’s. If you happen to be in Brooklyn stop in and try a traditional Italian pastry while you figure out what your valentine would love to receive. It isn’t too late to get the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, created with love in Bushwick at Circo’s bakery!Brooklyn Bakery Valentine's Day Gift


Brooklyn's Finest Custom Valentine’s Day Cakes
by mark anthony at 2012-02-03 12:31:00

            It can be hard to find the right gift for that special someone on Valentine’s Day, and the pressure can be overwhelming. Circo’s offers you an alternative to the regular Valentine’s Day plan. This Brooklyn Italian Bakery creates gorgeous and themed cakes daily. Give your sweetheart a custom baked cake. These red and white creations are the perfect addition to a holiday party, and everyone will enjoy sharing in the holiday spirit. You can even order a cake specifically for a loved one and hand them a very special Valentine’s Day gift.

            Circo’s Bakery is an expert at creating the cake of your dreams. Your spouse will appreciate a custom designed and heart shaped cake on February 14th. There is something magical about the way Circo’s cakes can brighten up a room and put a smile on someone’s face. So this Valentine’s Day as you ponder the perfect gift, consider ordering up a very special and delicious holiday treat!

            So if you’re in the neighborhood of Bushwick, take a minute to visit Circo’s bakery. Passed down from generation to generation, this family owned bakery provides the Brooklyn community with the finest Italian pastries and desserts. The “homey” atmosphere at Circo’s Bakery in Brooklyn welcomes everyone who has a sweet tooth or just a craving for some delicious cookies or cakes. 


Brooklyn's Italian Bakery Brings You Custom Chocolate Designs
by mark anthony at 2012-02-03 12:21:00

           Valentine’s day is getting closer, and if you haven’t thought of the perfect gift you might be starting to panic. Well you can stop worrying, because Circo’s Bakery in Brooklyn has you covered this February. Instead of the traditional flower and card that your valentine might be expecting, try a new type of gift. We make unique and hand crafted chocolate boxes, and we fill them with all the best Valentine’s day treats! Your loved one will be completely floored when he or she opens a heart shaped box of decadent chocolate only to find beautifully designed chocolate strawberries inside. This heavenly chocolate creation is enough to make anyone happy on such a special day. Why go for familiar, when you could wow your spouse with a gorgeous culinary masterpiece from Brooklyn’s own Circo’s Bakery.
            Go all out this Valentine’s Day and bring home the gift that takes your beloved’s breath away. Chocolate lovers will go crazy over this delicious holiday treat. From the heart shaped box down to the tiny heart shaped sprinkles, Valentine’s Day has never been more fun, or appetizing! There is nothing mundane about Circo’s Bakery this holiday. True to its history, every delectable pastry, chocolate heart, and custom cake that comes out of Circo’s is a welcome taste of home and baking expertise.
            Call Circo’s Bakery today and place an order for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day. Or come by the shop and get to know the amazing bakers that bring you the best Italian pastries in all of Brooklyn. You never know what delicious treat you might happen upon inside Circo’s in Bushwick, from satisfying cookies to beautiful cakes, this family run business offers everything a bakery should, and more!